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Opinion of: Stegodeus

Love mine, but chompers and bleeders wreck her.

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To me Stegod is too slow to be on my team. Even with sufficient boosts, it is still slower than most. Granted it is an HP tank I used to have it on my team until I ended up getting a 20 losing streak because of it.

She was my first Legendary. Absolutely love her.

good. until i make it bleeeed. :smiling_imp:

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Loved my Stegod. The twin move nerf and change in the meta (especially boosted Thor proliferation) have made her significantly less powerful, which is a shame. Could reverse 1 or both moveset nerfs and she’d probably be fine in the current meta.

Ok - I swapped L29 Rat for L29 Stegod and actually quite liking it …

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Had one in my team for a very, very long time. Had to bench her when the boosts arrived, everything just tears through her defense.

Still an awesome counter if levelled and boosted appropriately against Magna, Erlind and dilorach amongst others still on my team since I got her
also Dracosniper if you predict a strike