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Opinion of: Trykosaurus

Article #5 of the “Opinion of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a teamslot? What are your opinions.

Tier: Tyrant

Been enjoying reading the comments you guys have been putting down below. Quite interesting seeing what you all think of the listed creatures. I hope this series of posts have been interesting to read for you guys too :slight_smile:

Next creature: Procerathomimus

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Yes. It is absolutely worth a slot on your team, even after the crit nerf! Love my Tryko :t_rex:


I dont normally try to insert my own opinions on these articles, as theyre meant for you guys, but this thing would be upper tyrant if the tyrant tier had to get split to high and low tyrant (which i feel like it will at some point since there’s twelve tyrants there now). Mines level 24 and fairly boosted (not as much as some other things), and this thing can easily sweep through teams if used properly

Love my Tryko. Not much else to say there!


My superstar since then :smiley:


Tryko is one of those creatures that is worthy of a team slot even if its a level or two below your next lowest creature; you can play some great mindgames with it and its very satisfying when you land a successful DSR (especially if it crits) - at L26 5/5/4 mine does 4368 damage before the crit :smiling_imp:


Don’t have one, but it’s definitely worth putting in a team.

I like these threads and you should include your own opinion in the initial post :+1:


Thanks for the feedback. Ill do that starting Procerathomimus :slight_smile:

Strongest dino in the game, without question. Huge damage, rock hard defense, excellent stalling ability, and a hard hitting counter attack. What more could you ask for?

She’s ok, I guess…

TBH, I like Dio better however, 1x counter and SS


:eyes: :scream:

I like tag teaming Tryko and Dio especially one when gets stunned or distracted; you can take someone down just with the counter attacks

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Lol, same! Esp when someone tries to get cute with Acute Stun! :wink:


Swap in Defence Shattering Rampage? :crazy_face:

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Nah. I’m of the opinion that swap-in’s should be limited to modifiers; not attacks themselves.

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Never been on the team. Working on it since I kind of feel I should, but not likely to ever have a slot. Just not a chomper fan.

I don’t have her, but I do want her. I’ve fought her enough to know that she’s the perfect blend of Tank and Chomper. I’ve fought her multiple times, and the mind games are real. One can really mess up someone’s rampage when a well boosted Tryko steps up to the plate. I’ve even been walled with my Yoshi a few times, for fear of having my Rampage hit a shield instead of Tryko herself.

So I aspire to get a Tryko. It’ll take a while since I’ve never had the opportunity to dart any of the Uniques during the St. Patrick’s day event, but it’ll be worth it.

For me,its clearly the STRONGEST creature of the game and by far,i can hesitate or have doubt about any others but not this one
Best end game tank,30% armor and a REALLY decent health 4500
Share the best dmg as end game chomper (1680),30% crit (almost 40% like thor),
A good panel of skills which can annoy almost every creatures except magnapyrritor and distraction users.
Only 2 ways to don’t be annoy by him,stacking distraction or else,the bleed,suchotator is probably one of his nemesis.
If i don’t want to meet a lvl 30,its probably a lvl 30 tryko which have over 7k health and a thor dmg.
Except if you have a bleeder ,you won’t beat him and worst,even on bleed,you will see the rat next turn

I heavily agree with tryko being an absolute unit. It is…a lot of things; chomped, tank, bruiser, staller. Unless you have Magna, Thor, distraction, or something with bleed, it can run over a huge amount of the roster

Mines not as nice as somedinoguy, but he saves me daily. I love the swap in to kill a Dino on counterattack. He is the only one with armor on my squad so he’s used and abused ha.