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Opinion on dracoceratosaur

What do you think of this new hybrid? In my opinion he is quite useless and does really poorly in the arena, dracorat is still much better

I also think Dracoceratops is better. I think Dracoceratosaurus needs something…unique, to give it the edge. Maybe add Stun to one of its Impacts, or give it Swap-in Stunning Strike, or both.

Yeah, it would be better focused around stunning/distracting. Give it 125 speed too. Really, I wish this fluffy critter were more battle-focused than utility focused. It’s a unique, for Lord Lythronax’s sake!

Actually could replace acute stun with stunning impact.

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This would be a bit out there, but what about removing both Impacts, changing one of them to Stunning and then adding Devastation?

Most creatures have trouble surviving the delay on Devastation, but here it would be perfect. Stunning Impact has a delay, but we have Acute Stun for that.

So stun, stun, Devastation.

Alternatively, maybe Acute Stun could have effects like Distraction and Nullification, maybe even damage. Or Acute Stun could boost Dracoceratosaurus’ damage or crit chance.

One change that would definitely make it more useful, would be to change one of its Impacts to Rending Attack (0.4x opponent’s max HP). Then it would be perfect for revenge-killing Maximas, Gemini’s, Trykos, Dios, etc. Then it could swap out, and swap back in with its SIA.
It deserves the Shield-destruction from DC.

Actually, I just realised that with that attack stat, Fierce Impact would be better than Rending Attack.

Nah, lots of critters are immune to stun here. What will you use all the stun against to hold up until your devastation is ready?
Fluffy needs to be speedy and have quite some hp to avoid Thor’s IC damage (I think a crit from Thor could probably take it out with its current HP), and other than Thor there’s Tryko, you can keep stunning it, but then it gets its II shield up and you can’t do anything. Most of the other stuff in the meta that seems to form is immune to stun, so Fluffy would have no chance to get to the devastation.

Acute stun + distract yeah might work, but nullification would come out of nowhere.

I’d instead trade the strike for a fierce strike so it would break shields, leave cunning impact as is, maybe change acute stun to stunning rampage, and leave cleansing impact as it is, plus 125 speed. This would make up for the tiny hp it has.

For me Acute stun is Muda Muda Muda because almost unique have stunning resistance

But not all unique have stunning resistance

Not all but a large portion of them.
Spyx (partial)
Indoraptor G2 (partial, very likely)
Utarinex (partial, very likely)

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