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Opinion on Leveling and evolving aquatics

Every since September when I started playing this game a lot more again , as normal, my PVE got harder. It’s fine, I can cope especially as I have a very decent line up at the moment

But however, my aquatics are struggling a bit
I’m going against level 26 super rares

I mean it would seem obvious to level and evolve my aquatics, but I am really focussing on leveling my land Dino’s so I’m kinda stuck in the middle. What do you guys suggest, just keep levelling my land creatures or take a break and level my aquatics
I know that PVE creatures are meant to be better than yours and I accept that, but im struggling quite a bit at the moment

Can you post a screen shot of what you are facing and what battle it’s associated with, that way we can attempt to help with tactics on how to approach the battle?

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K, next aquatic event I will

I think a lot of us tend to focus more on the land dinos first, since the aquatics take so much longer to hatch and cost more than the comparable land dinos. And there is a tendency to try and level up to meet the challenge of a particular PvE that might have given you a challenge that might not be doable right now…especially if you are lacking in a specific class. But keep in mind that just leveling more stuff up isn’t going to necessarily fix that, it will just make the next round of PvEs harder as well… and around and around you go. Leveling up in the current game environment where you might get 4 or 5 rounds is often going to leave you with not enough creatures to get past one round at a time and then having to wait for CDs. That can really be a nuisance when you have 5 rounds to do. So getting more stuff of the different classes (and within the classes, different types of dinos, in terms of the balance of health vs. attack… you definitely could use some more glass cannon ones for instance) to create a strong depth of creatures to use before leveling them up further is generally the best way to go.

But as @sionsith suggested… there may also be strategy the more experienced players can help with. I do find the aquatics to sometimes be more challenging just from the smaller number of classes involved.

My Aquatic team is struggling as well. :sob:

Being able to see the land dinos in my park probably caused me to focus a lot more on them instead of the Aquatics or Cenozoic. However, that is just my opinion. I do need some help with my Aquatic team. :sweat:


@Ned here is the complete lineup of my aquatics and I never have a problem completing any event that requires aquatics image image image

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I’m not even close to the number of Aquatic creatures you have, Lora_Green. :scream_cat:

I have been playing just over four years it took awhile to get to where I’m at

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Thankfully it doesn’t take lvl 40 VIPs and 4 years to get lineups sufficient to complete any event.

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I always try to treat dinosaurs, aquatics and cenezoics in an equal way.


I have a theory that the opponents you are getting in the PVEs is not only connected to your line up but also to your progression through the story line and the level you are. So with every step up in level, you will get harder opponents… I cannot prove it, it’s just my feeling. I am playing the game more than a year but i am still at the level 71… So i would first slow down the story progression, you have probably already unlocked most of the dinos…

I can’t imagine many people will have that line up. You can afford long cool downs too as you have plenty to keep you going. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are a handful of events for PvE that are tied to your park level, and they are easily noticeable because they are generally considerably easier if you have decent lineups for the various groups. However the majority of the events are indexed off your top three in the group you are fighting in (Jurassic, Aquatic, Cenozoic).


Wow the event was easy today
Here are 3 of the stages
Forgot to screenshot the last
Screenshot_20191010-131115 Screenshot_20191010-131543

I totally agree, I was just trying to say that maybe the game expects you to have a lineup with certain ferocity. If you don’t, you are not able to compete in the pve events. It of course doesn’t matter at all in case you are level 80 and the pve-s are only related to your dinos.

Back when I first started playing you could not get away with a lineup of level 10, 20, and 30 because you could never win very many events and you definitely could never reach dominator league because they forced you to level up all your dinosaurs so you could compete so with the way they have it now you can get away with it because they changed the AI to allow you to get a chance to advance higher in the tournaments because a bunch of players were always complaining about not being able to even reach predator level this went on for around two years and ludia finally caved in and made it easier for players to advance so they continued to change things until we arrived to present day so I guess now they need to advance to more opportunities for long term players by making the rewards you compete for match the level your dinosaurs are at if you are not leveling up your dinosaurs your rewards should match and if you are leveling them up your rewards should be better this should be the next evolution of this game and I think they are looking at something along these lines so everyone get ready could be happening soon

Absolutely, when I started playing the only way to make progress was to level up as fast as you can. I did not participate in any event for months, there was no chance to win any of them.
I remember how proud I was when I finished my first tournament in predator after more then half a year of playing.
This seems to be much easier for new players nowadays.

I think it is a great flaw in the game design that they find no way to encourage players to level up their creatures beyond a certain point. It is even worse, they punish those who do so.
The only reward for levelling up is a badge for a level 40 Indoraptor, which is a joke compared to the price you have to pay for this in events.

I think it is not ok that a player can decide to leave all his creatures at a certain level and succeed in all events and tournaments. That is what I am doing for months now and I would really like to be motivated to level up.


Well said @Tommi I get so mad sometimes when I hear new players being able to complete the tournaments in dominator league because of what we had to do to get our first tournament win in dominator league where we had to scramble to level up so we could compete sure hope ludia takes into consideration the long time players and change the platform to reward players according to how they advance their dinosaurs and I think they made it almost there in this last tournament if you were not at a certain level you only won the dinosaur if you finished in dominator league and if you were above that level you unlocked it if you finished in dominator league now I think they need to do it based on the level of your dinosaurs if you don’t have a certain percentage at level 31 you should only win the dinosaur if you finish in dominator league but if you exceed that percentage you unlock the dinosaur if you finish in dominator league this would encourage players to level up there dinosaurs it should also determine the amount of resources you get from the packs below the percentage only coins and food above the percentage dna and DB