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Opinion on new idea with raids

There should be some section for raids like campaign. There are still only four raid bosses out each week for the four rarities. Ex (epic, legendary, apex, unique). But if you also don’t see any bosses out on the map you can go to the raid section to find it and others that aren’t on the map that week. This doesn’t mean you can do every raid every day, it means you can find all the bosses in a specific rarity depending on the day.
This is how it would go.

Map: One Common Boss on Monday
One Rare Boss on Tuesday
One Epic Boss on Wednesday
One Legendary Boss on Thursday
One Unique Boss on Friday
One Apex Boss on Saturday and Sunday

Raid Section: All Common Bosses on Monday
All Rare Bosses on Tuesday
All Epic Bosses on Wednesday
All Legendary Bosses on Thursday
All Apex Bosses on Saturday and Sunday

I know you guys will say but tourneys are on the weekends but seriously it takes 10 minutes to do a raid. Plus this will get people on the map more or just a new section and add variety to the game over weekends instead of just being on tourneys. It could also get some people to play over the weekdays too cuz some people just do tourneys.

You can change the days each rarity is on tho. That doesn’t matter, just that each rarity has its own day. This could even lead to a new rarity so there is one every day. But what do you guys think.