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Opinion on squad and who to replace to put the green chicken

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Megalo haha

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I would say if you’re going to replace anyone on your team atm, it would be I-Rex.

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Don’t. Just leave the chicken in the oven


Utahsino … green chicken so much better

I vote for benching Utahsinraptor as well.

MegaloS or Utahsino is fine. One set up leaves you fragile if you get too much speed and not enough bulk while cutting Utahsino leaves you with a MegaloS that can be taken adavatage of by certain teams at that level. I don’t think you’ll see a big difference trophy wise with either removed.

no need to change, just make them all 30…you will be in top 50

Utahsino has IC move. It is most helpful. The green chicken doesn’t.

I will bench Megalo.

I would say Indominus or Megalosuchus. Don’t bench Utasino until you have Utarinex