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Opinion required



I am looking for opinions or advise on what you all think is best when driving around without a scent capsule.

If you are going on a 20 minute drive at 35 mph do you all shot at commons? Only rares? Wait for epics only? This is without a scent capsule. Of course i am the passenger.

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You’re a passenger I hope. Playing this game while driving is very dangerous. (Saw your edit, lol)

When I’m a passenger or I have a friend willing to dart for me while I’m driving, I go for what ever I need doesn’t matter if its common, rare, or epic.


Dart whatever is on your team or hybrid components for dinos you want regardless of rarity.

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I play as a passenger. I load up on my daily allotment of supply drops, event dinos, rares, strike events, commons…pretty much in that order. Epics trump everything and are sometimes worth arguing for a u-turn. :heart_eyes:

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I go for what I need.

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When I’m on bus I shoot everything.

Commons… Check
Rares… Check check
Epics… Rodger dodger

Lythromax… Bang bang bang.

Because darts are super easy to get now.

My priority is
Most uncommon first (looking at you anklyosaurus gen 2 and dracorex green)
Then epics then common

Then if nothing else diplocaulus


I only play as a passenger because I am only 10.


When its warm I ride a motorcycle. I have a phone mount on my handlebars that I normally use for GPS when im not playing. So when I am playing there is not much difference. The ingame GPS is real and sometimes I use it to get somewhere that I need to be, but just for short trips in town.

Please note that there is a huge difference between soloing on a bike and soloing in a car, soloing in a car is just nuts and is unsafe as hell. I’ve desperatly needed DNA from epic SE dinos in bad weather before, and if I cant get my girl to drive me, I have to miss out on the DNA. There is no way im going to try soloing in a car/truck.


When in a vehicle, I have a priority list in my head as I pass through different locals.
If you see something you need to build your current/future team, that should be at the top of the list.
My priority goes: Team, collection, general purposes, and then the etc.
I’ll dart a Deinocheirus over a Concvenator any day, if the choice must be made.


Hello Dbustos,
Thank you for playing responsibly. While riding as a passenger, I try to dart all rares and up and occasionally I will dart a common if I need them.


Focus on what you need. If you’re looking for raptor and see one take it. One raptor is better than a maybe-probably-why-not-epic

I play for so long that I know where to not start a drone session because multiple spawn points. With this knowledge you can also optimize your chance to see rarer dinos.

Otherwise I dart everything accounting for priorities. I’m helped in my choices because I have many dinos at max limit so I can safely ignore them and dart lower needed dinos. But yeah I’m always doing something in the game when moving.

Good luck! :hugs:


We still do not recommend you playing this game while driving (as a driver) even after you turn 16!! :smiley:


Supply drops until maxed; commons I need, other wise hold out for epics and needed rares


I for some reason don’t dart anything unless it’s an epic because I always get the feeling I will miss something while darting a common which is the worst, so I sometimes dart rares and commons if I need them.


I try to get the best ones and the ones I need.