[Opinion]Your TOP 5 REWORKS


i did wanted to create this topic long time ago and now more than ever in 1.12,
I would like to know which are your top 5 creature which need an urgent rework because they are forgotten with OFC the explanation and your point of view of the named creature.

And in the same time,what do you propose to make him relevant?
don’t forget to take into consideration his rarity/and the fact if he is a hybrid/superhybird

Your turn

  1. Indoraptor gen2 : cautious strike enough said

  2. Mammotherium/ entelomoth: these two have the highest attack moves in the game and their regular hybrids if it was a super hybrid no problem but these things can as hard as indom/erlidom cloak rampage and break thru everything and have super health to go along with that and crazy speed

  3. procerathomimus : regular epic hybrid is better that tyrant uniques; that unacceptable no reason for it to exist and to continue existing

  4. Geminititan / ardentismaxima : one word; unstoppable. Nothing can win in 1v1 100% of the time.

  5. monolorhino: a very hard to make unique that sucks it need a proRAT buff


This one is about forgotten hybrids that need to be made more relevant lol.
I guess Monolorhino counts.

  1. T-Rex
    Gain immune to distraction/higher HP

  2. Diloracheirus
    Higher attack; speed increased to 130; gain immune to deceleration

  3. Geminititan
    Replace immunity with partial immunity

  4. Grypolyth
    Immobilize makes target vulnerable; No escape works on immune creatures

  5. Ludia sell JWA to other competent gaming company.


I love option number 9

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Dilo and Tuora need some sort of improvement.


3600 HP
130 speed
5 crit
0 armor
1350 DMG

Nullifying strike
Distracting rampage
Impact and run
Evasive stance

Swap in dodge

3400 HP
130 spd
5 crit
0 armor
1500 DMG

Nullifying strike
Distracting impact
Evasive stance
Impact and run


Swap in dodge

Indoraptor gen 2

Long protection
Definite rampage

3700 HP
1200 DMG
20 crit
0 armor
130 SPD


4200 HP
5 crit
20 armor
1200 DMG
124 spd

Decelerating strike
Distracting impact
Nullifying rampage
Definite rampage

Wounding counter



3600 HP
5 crit
0 armor
129 spd
1500 DMG

Superiority strike
Distracting impact
Greater stunning rampage
Rampage and run

Swap in distraction

Immune to deceleration, stuns, and swap prevention

  1. T-Rex
    Immunity to distraction and/or stun

  2. Diloracheirus
    Immunity to deceleration

  3. Tuoramoloch
    Increase attack a little

  4. Carnotarkus
    Give it No Escape

  5. Monomimus
    Swap with Procera on EVERYTHING.

Monolorhino- even If they wanted It to be a weaker unique, it’s way too bad for a unique.
4500 hp
1400 damage
20% armor
4500 hp
1000 damage
20% armor
gets definite rampage instead of definite impact

130 speed
Distracting impact instead of strike
Null rampage instead of rampage and run
It didn’t retain nullyfing from dilo, but It fits and would be more useful imo.
Immune to decel


1100 damage
Superiority strike
Decelerating rampage
Greater stunning rampage
Regnerate and run
Swap in stun

Give the Queen 4800-4900 hp. She’s too slow and even for her rarity, barely relevant. Needs more HP to make up for the low speed. Besides, rex is the most massive theropod dinosaur ever found, so It should be the THICCEST in game

(I know it’s 2 together but those “twin” chompers are constantly compared and kinda need a little more)
Gains swap in stun
Gains 15% armor

  1. Monolorhino - health 5000, gains On Escape Rampage, Shielded Deccel for Distraction and Definite Rampage for Definite Impact.

  2. Dilorach - health 3500, attack 1500, null rampage for R&R, MSS for SS, DI for DS

  3. Rinex - no idea, just do something for her.

  4. Tuora - damage to 1200.

  5. Vexus - health 4500, lethal swoop for swoop, make bleed bypass immunity.

Monomimus: Raised Stats, Give It Distracting Impact Or Impact And Run.

Diloracherius: Change Distracting Strike to Impact, Give it an immunity Of some sort

Monolorhino: Raised Stats, Give It A Rampage

Indoraptor Gen1: I saw an unused move. Percise Piercing Strike. Give it to Indoraptor.

Dracoceratops: COMPLETE REWORK,

Raise speed and health, decrease attack, but new kit!

Minimal Speedup Strike
Acute Stun
Dig In
Swap In Stunning Strike
On Escape Rampage

I just looked up the tier list and went from the lowest tier upwards, assigning points to each hybrid that looked out of place depending on whether the ingredients were exclusive, the rarity, etc. This is what I came up with.

2 points- Majundasuchus, Koolabourgiana, Pyrritator, Monomimus, Spinonyx, Monolorhino.

1.5 points- Rajakylosaurus, Darwezopteryx.

1 point- Nodopatotitan, Dimodactylus, Nodopatosaurus, Pteraquetzal.

Anyway, my ranking would go something like this:

5] Spinonyx (arena exclusive + rarity)
4] Koolabourgiana (arena exclusive + rarity)
3] Pyrritator (arena exclusive + rarity)
2] Monomimus (arena exclusive + rarity)
1] Monolorhino (rarity + components’ stats)

Honourable mention: Majundasuchus is just so bad compared to the alternative, Einiasuchus. Since Einiosaurus and Majungasaurus are both starters, I think their hybrids should be equally powerful, especially considering their other ingredient is the same.

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I would go with swap in definite strike from it’s parent. Rest of kit and stats looks fine.


I would like to begin with one which used to be my favorite and is now useless to the point i consider giraffatitan have no hybrids actually.
One of the 3 mighty first tanks,compared to stegodeus,nodopatotitan get so rusty now…
He is still good to endure hits because of his huge armor and huge HP pool but…thats it.
low damage,useless counter attack…if the opponent want,he can switch his creature without getting so much problems…

His only real ability is to slow your opponent before dying so you can have your chomper ready…
but with all those immunity and immunity to slow…he became irrelevant.

For a superhybrid legendary he get completly outclassed in all terms even by simples hybrids
(mammotherium,entelemoth,phorusaura,dsungaia,utasino,alloraptor,ardonto ect…)

Kit rework
HP:5100 -> 5320
DMG:1000 -> 1040
Armor:40% -> 45%

Superiority strike:same as before (deal 1040dmg)
Great bellow:Priority:gain invulnerability for 1 turn/reduce target speed by 50% 2 turns
Decelerating impact deal 1,5Xdmg same as before (1560)
Long protection:same as before (deal 1040dmg)

-Whip counter attack:counter attack deal X0,25 if opponent have an armor (260) either deal 0,75X counter attack to opponents without armor(780)
If an opponent have 0% armor :then it automatically deal 0,75X dmg as counter attack
-Survivalist: regen every turn 15% of his HP every turn automatically (760hp everyturn)


Probably the worst non hybrid epic.;;
I can’t remember when he was good ,i don’t think he never was…
Unseen on hybrids legacy tournaments since the beginning,its not without reason.

Completly outclass by newer epics such as mammoth/allogen2/Carbonemys/diplodocus and even by some olders,this one have no use and can die easily in ONE TURN.

Kit rework

Damage:900 -> 850


Defense shattering strike same as before:deal 850dmg
Nyllifying impact::same as before:1275 dmg
Impact and run::same as before 1275dmg

Swap in ferocity same as before
Armor piercing counter deal 850dmg same as before
Artful dodger::The creature have a natural 75% chance to dodge an attack,except if opponent use define or precise abilities.

Well ,we can all applaud the one which is THE MEME OF JWA
This creature never got some love and is from FAR BEHIND THE WORST HYBRID IN THE GAME!

HP:3360 -> 3470
Speed:108 -> 119

Bloodhunger : deal 1X damage,For the next 2 turns:he obtain bloodhunger:
For each 1 damage done,majundasuchus regen 75% of the ammount in HP (example:if he deal 1660 damage,he regen 1245hp)
Short defense::same as before
Ferocious strike::same as before
Cleansing impact::same as before

Swap in ferocity same as before
Armor piercing rampage

Ankylosaurus gen1 and gen2 (overall ankylosaurus family)

I will take gen 2 for the example because i can only choose one but the whole family now completly suck and is FAR behind every others family of the games.

They have average health,armor ,bad attack and the ability to be turn into a living punching ball.
Gamepress is too kind with them,they should belong to the carcass tier list.

HP:3900 -> 4200
Armor:25 -> 40%


Vulnerability strike same as before:deal 900dmg.now vulnerability strike stack on your opponent and last 3 turns.
-1 stack:increase damage on target by 40%
-2stack increase damage on target by 80%
-3 stacks increase damage on target by 120%
long protection::same as before:900dmg

No escape vulnerabilty strike


Completly outclass by everything to the point you won’t ever see one in any legendary tournaments,rajakylosaurus suffer to be just bad…
Terrible speed,bad damage,abilities which just don’t fit for him with too much shields once again.

HP: 4350
Speed:104 -> 101
Armor: 30


Vulnerability pinning strike :deal 900dmg.now vulnerability strike stack on your opponent and last 3 turns.
-1 stack:increase damage on target by 40%
-2stack increase damage on target by 80%
-3 stacks increase damage on target by 120%
opponent is lock the next 2 turns
long protection::same as before
Extended critical Impact:deal 1,5X damage (1450)
Instant invincibility

Armor piercing counter:same as before
Thick skin: for every 1 damage block by shields and armor,convert 50% of the ammount into hp.
Instant invincibility block 3000 damage?he regen 1500hp
Long protection with armor block 2500dmg? he regen 1250hp


This is about buffing forgotten creatures, people.
Although I guess the name of the thread is somewhat misleading.

Also, I now realise I only mentioned hybrids.
Regarding regular creatures, there’s quite a few which could do with reworks, I’ll only mention a few of them.

Firstly, the exclusives. Phorusrhacos, Irritator, Baryonyx G2, Dsungaripterus, Nasutoceratops, etc should be buffed according to how hard it is to obtain their DNA.

Secondly, Pteranodon and Ankylosaurus. I guess Concavenator too, but I don’t know if it’s that bad…

Agreed, i would love for immobilize to be more useful to grypo now that It got no escape and giving vulnerability makes perfect sense on a croc.
Also, replacing Geminititan’s full immunity for a partial one is a great way to nerf It without messing with it’s great kit and stats that i think such a difficult to create hybrid should have. Even with the higher stats It had before the bom immune version wasn’t as strong. This is a good compromise. I would go with distraction immunity.

Every creatures are welcome.
I consider we have to buff olds creatures which need it and not nerf the news ones.

Actually all our olds toys are completly useless and somehow non close to the new ones ludia creates actually.
If i could create a 6th that would be monolorhino though


Make It 6 then :rofl:

Vulnerability already stacks.

1- Geminititan ----> Susceptible to bleed and Vulnerability (Moves were created to deal with high HP)
2- Bajatonodon----> Precise Devastation so it can counter the Indo Dodgers a bit better. Needs a payoff for having terrible turn 1 and turn 2 damage (especially since Vulnerable is only good vs non Immune)
3-Diloracheirus ----> Give it Superiority Impact (New Move) so turn 1 is not so lack luster
4-Epic Rex---------> You already have the thing slower than a Turtle make it so it can’t be slowed. so if someone is brave enough to speed it up Gemini and Maxima can’t slow it (that glorious turn to rampage deserves to be unleashed)
5-Release stuff like Allo G2, Nausuto, Dsunga into the wild so those hybrids with their nice kits can be used in the arena