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What in your opinion is the easiest unique creature to unlock?

Indoraptor, you can create it so much easier than everything else, Rex raid supports the Rex DNA you need, Indominus raids fuel Indom needed, so even less Indom is need, you can even unlock Indoraptor from the raid itself, the only DNA you really require is Velociraptor but even then it’s pointless when you can do just Indoraptors raid instead. And people think Thor is the easiest to create.


Thoradolosaur for me. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know: Dracocerato seems pretty easy if you ask me. Two commons and one rare, all of which are global spawns. My alt had a level 19 Dracocera in about three weeks. Can’t be that much harder to get Dracocerato if you’re playing hard.

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For me the easiest was probably erlidominus

I find a lot of erlikosaurus and I have 40,000+ raptor dna and I get trex dna from raids and the wild

Top 3 are Thor, you can guess why. Indoraptor, like someone say above, there’s like 3 raid were you can get dna for it and velo is pretty much everywhere. Dracocera, like another person said, made from 2 commons and 1 rare.

Dracoceratosaurus. It’s made of 2 commons and 1 rare, and the three of them are Global All-Day Spawns. Then comes Indoraptor. Even though it only requires T-Rex and Velociraptor DNA and both are also Global All-Day, I consider it harder than Draco because of the very high amount of Velociraptor DNA requires, sharing it between Indominus and Indoraptor. Then It’s a tie between Stygi and Thor. Both made of 2 commons and 1 epic, all of them Global Spawns.

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I forgot about dracoceratosaurus. That took me about 1.5-2 weeks to get or like dio which me 3

Indoraptor, thordor, stigydaryx