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Opinions needed

As with many of you, the 2.0 update devastated my arena squad. Even worse was my mistake of reallocating my boosts immediately, before realizing how different battles were going to be. I used to sit comfortably around 5800 to 5900 trophies and now I’m lucky to hit 5400. So I’m thinking about stripping my max leveled, max boosted, Indo-Raptor of boosts and putting them into my level 26 Indominus Rex. Is this insanity or should I proceed? Indo was once my MVP but is now more or less useless. I welcome all opinions.

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Cunning creatures really are the weakest group in this meta. Resilient seems to be king. Indominus is very good, but three of the top-tier dinos have both Instant Invincibility and Resilent. I wouldn’t rely on Cloaking to be an asset.


I was really even only considering the Indominus because of its shield breaking capability, although it’s a basic damage strike. Could be amped up from Cloak I suppose. At any rate so far I’ve decided not to strip my Indo-Raptor as I’m sure the Resilient nonsense will get it nerf in the near future. Thanks for your input.

Indom can be really good shield breaking is a premium and he can do it every turn… even if they rework resilience indo has been reworked so it’s not only weak against resilience but there isn’t to much it’s good against… if I could go back in time and focus on indom over indo I certainly would. All those resistances make him a pain to deal with.

Boost refunds hurt though almost a better option to stockpile boosts to make a change in the future. That way if they make indo good again you have flexibility. This is coming from someone who did strip his indo of his boosts.

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I would personally still wait for the next update, just to see what happens. A lot of reworks happened this time, it won’t be too surprising if the next update continues fixing some of the dinos that lost out too much.

I’m not sure about Indominus. I’ve faced a few in the arena lately, and my team, even those who aren’t particularly strong against them, have been able to take them down with relative ease.

Yeah I haven’t really had any trouble from facing Indominus either now that you mention it. However it seems I’ve always got my Spix or something else effective against Indom when I do encounter them.

You’re saying that 2 weeks after a rank reset, one month an half after a boost reset (many players only put back their boosts a couple of weeks ago), and you’re ONLY 500 down from where you were previously. Seriously, currently you’re sitting in the worst possible bracket (library/sphere), and you’re likely still fighting guys who are in the 7000 range! It used to take only a few days for the top players to climb back to their previous rank, but now, the top of the ladder is totally crowded, and there’s no real incentive to climb back up fast. So my suggestion is: don’t do anything fast. Wait until you get closer to the end of the month to see how things are shaping up. Sure enough, I would not expect the same rank as before. Don’t forget that there’s also tons of players who had boosted totally wrong dinos as they were climbing up (other than their top 8) and likely were happy to get all those boosts back, while if you were boosting carefully, yours boost may have only came back from your 8 dinos. So sure enough, some players now have more boosts available to them, than your own pool. So, basicaly, before you commit to anything costly, wait until the end of the month and see where you end up.