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Opinions of: 1.9 notes

Article #26 of the “Opinions of:” series. Heres my opinions of the 1.9 patch notes

-from the looks of it, armor and crit boosts werent added, so ill still be here :wink:
-Procera is 100% a tyrant now
-Smilonemys looks op in my opinion. Definitely looks like itll be an even better hard counter to Rat than Smiloceph was
-Gemini got a massive buff for a small price. Still gonna use it
-Campaign mode looks interesting
-Ardentismaxima looks like a tyrant now
-the new Phorusaura and Indoraptor gen 2 look terrifying, and Indo got a major buff too
-Magnapyritor is back in it’s former glory :tada:
-annoyed they went Dsungaia on Nasuto, but at least you can put it in sanctuaries, unlike the birbs

What are your opinions?


Alankylosaurus is delayed for Article #27, as i didnt expect the release notes to drop today. Tune in for our armored birb’s time in the spotlight :wink:

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Monostego just got bombed in both stats and moves. Pretty much useless now.


procera buff is abusive as magna and erli ones,they are already Overpower so there will be a new category higher than tyrant


Things I like:
Ardonto buff
Ardentis buff
Tenonto buff
Erlikospyx buff
Geminititan immunity buff
The new indominus lines look pretty cool but I’m waiting until I see them in action to get a proper opinion of their battling.

Things I have mixed feelings about:
Erlidominus buff. I have a monster one, and the HP buff and damage buff will ensure surviving against rat as long as it hasn’t been hit with a high damage attack first. However, it will probably end up annihilating tanks.

Things I do not like:
Einiasuchus was actually turned into an even more annoying thing, in spite of no longer having stunning impact!
Dig In = cleanse, speed up 2 turns, shield 50%, heal 25% HP. WHAT?!

Tryostronix has higher attack, hp. It’s also immune. What will be able to stop this thing in the future?

Monostegotops might get trashed by Erlidom now. I do not own Monostego, but still …

Procerathomeme of a Christmas Chicken gets more HP.
Oh yeah also, Utasino getting guaranteed crit that deals higher damage. Is Ludia trying to make Utarinex useless?


Keep in mind the Suchotator hybrid can 2 shot everything thanks to lethal wound and rending takedown. The value of my Erlikospyx is now being called into question after realizing that

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I feel for the players who boosted Monostego and now have a pretty much useless creature, that damage drop hurts it bad.


Tis a sad, sad day. Once the perfect Indo counter turned Tyrant turned paperweight…


As i stated it in the original post,i am very disappointed.

  • Campaign Mode
    So it seems like achievements. Done once and then forgotten.
  • BOOSTS remain untouched
  • MATCHMAKING still the same unbalanced thing
  • DC remains the moneygrabbing Dino
  • Boosted Thor untouched
  • Alliance Tools nowhere to be found (and chat-donation fix)
  • New Content next update(we’ll see)
  • New Dinosaurs next update(we’ll see)
  • Boost Reset How can we put new Dinos in our Strike Team
  • Sanctuaries overhaul ,we just enter, push 3 buttons without seeing the animations and exit
  • About 2 and a half months for a small patch???(This is not Update)

Maxima buff
Magna got the HP back, so perhaps it can stand a chance against DC
Erlikospyx buff
Indoraptor’s new immunities
Love the look of Indo2
Utasino mini buff (I know most people won’t be happy with this though)

No new dinosaurs
Pterosaurs STILL not able to use sanctuaries
Procera buff was 100% unnecessary
Erlidom’s was too, even though I use that one myself (I guess at least DC won’t get her)
Still no alliance tools
I don’t use Monostego, but that nerf was unnecessary
STILL no boost resets
No DC nerf, despite the amount of people it’s scared away from the game
Took too long to arrive for what so far seems to be an overall disappointing update

Campaign mode, I need to wait and see.


We got 5 new dinosaurs as well as even more hybrids and at least one looks tyrant level.


Smilonemys is easily tyrant, while i believe Indoraptor Gen 2 has a fair chance at making it big too

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All I saw were Cenozoics… Which new dinosaurs did we get?


We got a giant turtle for starters.
Check the section that says New Creatures.

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But those aren’t dinosaurs, the only dinos are Allosaurus Gen 2 and Nasutoceratops, and they released before 1.9. People feel that the dev’s are adding in a bunch of creatures but forgetting that this is Jurassic World Alive, they have a huge selection of dinosaurs to choose from, but they add Cenozoics that most don’t even know about, like why not add Wooly Mammoth instead of some pig? This is how I feel most people are thinking about.


As a Biologist, I would say that Carbonemys (the Giant Turtle) is a reptile and would be considered a Dinosaur. It came from the Middle Paleocene Cerrejón Formation of the Cesar-Ranchería Basin in northeastern Colombia. The formation is dated at around 60 to 58 million years ago. It was found in coal mines. Much older Turtle fossils have been found as well. Now the arguments on whether a turtle (diapsid) can be considered a dinosaur are rather new since we have found some 220 million old turtles without shells that are post PT found last year called Eorhynchochelys sinensis. Or perhaps they are in a new group called Archelosauria based on next generation sequencing research. In any case, that argument might be mute, because, any bird that they gives us are considered theropod dinosaurs. So that Kelenken, even though it may be only 15 million years old, is considered a dinosaur.


I didn’t see anything about Utahsino. what is changing?

Check ability changes. The crit is now automatic. So it 1.875 x base damage ability. (1.5) x (1.25) x base

I see now. It is for all creatures with critical impact. I thought I missed something specific. Thank you.

They missed the same thing they always miss alliance tools… i feel like the campaign will keep us entertained for less then a week but more content isnt a bad thing.

From a balance perspective Im kinda excited. Those expecting changes to draco, thor, or boosts are essentially setting themselves up for disappointment. The only balancing Ludia really needs to care about is how stuff performs at lvl 26 and at 30 with tier 10 boosts… those are your tournament standard and end game levels and the only place true balance is gonna happen there is to many variables actual levels and boosts levels for their to be any real balance.