Opinions of 2.12

What is everyone’s opinions of update 2.12 personally I think its been along time since we got a good update…. but 2.12 is good. Testacornibus is my second best creature after erlidominus (my best) so I am very happy its getting a hybrid. Overall its the best update since indotaurus.


Still no boost reset… That’s my opinion on it


Erl was good once but she’s not your best dino, trust me. Testa is a monster and giving it a super-duper hybrid feels like power creep reaching a breaking point.


As always, the new abilities will confuse me for some time, but I’ll get the gang of them.
The new creatures seem interesting, and finally a Bumpy hybrid! Although I still think that a “mega hybrid” to create the new Apex wasn’t the best idea, it was the perfect chance to make it exclusive for the Campaign now that they are modifying it.
Argent nerf is appreciated but It’ll need more than that to stop being so powerful.
Glad that some creatures left event exclusivity, specially Nasuto.
Campaign 2.0 is what I’m most hyped for, I want to test it out as soon as it’s available.

Overall I think this update was decent and close to being good. We’re still due a boost reset/shuffle event, which is what mainly hurts it and will hurt the upcoming updates that don’t get one.

One think that I can say I absolutely hated is the Counter Power Heal nerf, not because of Testa or Pthops, but for Plux. It won’t make much impact since almost nobody uses it (I sometimes do), but an individual nerf for Testa instead of an indirect nerf for one ability was a way better option.


Will take the bumpy hybrid, let’s hope its possible unqiue hybrid ain’t that far away like allorap :sweat_smile:
Really want a unqiue with a anky model.


Pretty hyped for bears and a hybrid for Bumpy as well as a revamped Campaign!


This is one of the best updates we have had in a while now. I am glad that the new apex is from completely new components instead of old ones(except testa). I am also happy about the new tournaments. Overall a pretty decent update


New Campaign is what excites me most. Not really much else to say. The rest is kind of disappointing… No boost reshuffle, the creatures just… don’t seem that interesting to me, and I’m afraid the new Arctovaslias will further the already horrible powercreep. I hope 2.13, 2.14, or 3.0 will be more impressive.


It’s ignoring all the problems that have been addressed for over two years. Literally all of them.

And just adds more shinys and stuff that ultimately only benefits the company. For such a loyal and involved playerbase I find it sad and that’s putting it in a way that doesn’t conflict with the forum rules.


It’s ok. The new creatures are nice and it’s good we have a new campaign and tournament rules


I am pretty excited about Campaign 2.0, and I LOVE the tournaments, so any positive changes there are very welcome.

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Wont be able to get a real opinion of the new bugs till we actually get hands on, but I’m not really seeing many improvements for the game as a whole. I DO like the tournament QOL improvements though. If they remove the “Must have this dino to win” play I think it will motivate players to do more then 10 takedowns.
Although I don’t really see anything for me in particular, I do remain cautiously optimistic. Was kinda hoping they were done with dino markers and would give leaders/officers more alliance tools.
I suspect 3 or 4 peeps have adopted the “Do one battle to remove the 0 at reset and quit” method and I would really like to boot them… but cant prove it. LOL

Controversial opinion but I actually like the update too
None of the creatures sound bad in battle but none of them sound op (well except arctovasilis but that thing is so hard to get it should be op)
And the new campaign sounds very fun to play
The only thing that sucks is no boost reset but at this rate idk if we will ever get one
Overall a 7/10
It’s probably gonna be the best update since 2.8


I think it’s a decent update…

However, the need for a boost reset or shuffle is becoming more and more severe with each update, and Ludia’s failure to at very least openly communicate about one is becoming an increasingly large thorn in the side of the community.


When a deer dominates a dinosaur based game it sucks. Needs to be more realistic for battles continued heal on a creature not only brings on boredom it’s ridiculous. Are there any dinosaurs on this tour HELLO and why not concentrate on fixing known problems with the game instead of adding more content and more problems. And I see once again the ability to purchase apex creatures so much for earning them Ludia. Your cash cow is getting mighty boring!


No boost reshuffle so it’s a failure in my eyes.

Agree with your statement. While no boost reset, and other 2 things I don’t wanna mention, this update is a game opener to some players, bringing in new fun challenges to play in.

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Same, new campaign means new free rewards and that’s all I’m interested about

I like it tbh, just a few things I really dislike.
Number 2: Why did Testa get a hybrid? CompC is right there, it’s a hybrid, come on no one wanted the bland as heck unique deer to get one.
Number 3: New moves are somewhat confusing, and Ludia needs to name them better. Also some move icons dont make sense.
Number 4: Inappropriate nerfs. Again. I’m not mad at this point, just a little disappointed Ludia still can’t fix their game.

That’s really all my gripes. I love new dinos, gives me a side project to work on. Only hybrid I dislike is Ankylomoloch, but that’s due to the fact that I’m leveling Tuora up atm, so that’s sucking all my Stygi dna out.


power creep, nerfs, no boost resets. 3 years playing and I’m doing worse than I ever have been. I only afk battle now and raid.