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Opinions of: Alankylosaurus

Article #27 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a teamslot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Mid Apex

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My opinion: when it originally came out, i saw it as a better Tragodistis. It was a God on my team, and i absolutely loved using it. Too bad it, along with every other tank, got nerfed into oblivion and arent really relevant anymore cuz thor and bleeders. Exceptions are Dioraja and Tryko obviously


Needs a hybrid


Surprisingly gave me the hardest time against a tank. But that was in late Badlands. I can deal with alankylos easily now. And @Arnold, I agree with you. Poor thing needs an actual good super hybrid

My Thor’s opinion: CHOMP…

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Dinosaur of the Day: Alankylosaurus

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Alankylo would hit a rampage in Thor’s face before being taken out. It was a great tactical creature and it would still be even today for being able to stop Erlido and Yoshi’s rampage. But it needs to be faster than chompers for that and it’s just not worth it to spend speed boosts on it.


I love it’s design. That’s about it :joy:

I loved using it, it was the best tank/stalling dino, and I loved using as an In/Erldom counter. I agree it needs a hybrid.

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Fantastic Indom counter. Worked almost every time!

Really needs a hybrid. Surprised we haven’t got one yet, all things considered.

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Back when all the pterosaurs first dropped I knew I had to have this on my team - Indominus Rex was hella scary for me just breaking into marshes and having such a perfect emergency stop button saved me more than a few times.
Though its damage numbers weren’t the most astronomical out there, it was really good at stalling out a number of threats and I’m surprised I didn’t see more of them.

Great bird. Useful to counter big rampages, DC counter now, but still lacks something… Maybe more health and attack.

Big chompers grew too powerful and can’t really handle any above 4500. If meta makes a. Change I would love to see her in my line up. Along with touramoloch and Edmontoguana.

I know someone I fought with a really high Alankylo and other strange line up that took me really long time to end the battle between Alankylo, einia, amargocephalus and other two annoying dinos.

as someone who uses indominus rex and erlidominus alot, i seriously hate it when my opponents swap in alankylo with its swap in invincibility, just making me waste my cloak+rampage/armour piercing rampage combo completely. but i guess i kind of like the design though

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either pretty useful in some situation (against cloak + rampage of erlidom and indominus or else when a big non shattering attack is coming)
or else his presence is completly noticable. (when you start to set up your 2 turn shield and your opponen take his time by switching to thor…)

Sometimes I think it was created because people complained about Indominus.

i know, but i still hate it so much when they (my opponents) swap it in

I agree. It’s frustrating.

Used it when it first came out in ruins. Countered Indom, did it’s job, retired honorably.

Definitely the best bird, it was a pain too to fight due to its invincibility.

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IT made me laugh hard when Thor was still in Ludias mind… Not in the game.

Made tragos suffer a little bit. It could handle Deus. Little by little but well used drained importantl bunch or HP…

I hope she can go back one day… Tank meta was the best. Quite balanced and every dino had it chances.