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Opinions of: Alliances

Article #22 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of them? Are they a good addition to the game? What are your opinions?

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Love them so much

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They’re a good idea, but need better tools for the Alliance leader to be able to monitor the rest of the alliance. They also need to fix the chat and the requests, separate them and make the chat more stable.




That would be great

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Best addition to the game ever.

That being said, I don’t think the game should be too invasive with activity tracking. Maybe just top 5 contributors toward the alliance mission task, and a “last active” tab for which updates for periods of activity 15 minutes or longer. The problem with being too invasive with how active a user is is that it puts too much pressure on casual players in alliances with people more active than them. People have lives, and they might be getting kicked out of alliances just because they aren’t as active as others in said alliances.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Here’s why alliances are so awesome! These are both from my alliance (Sand Dunes), a while back.

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What’s up with the auto-flagging? My post was flagged as soon as I hit reply! First of all, it’s not inappropriate or offensive. Second, there’s NO way it was ever “flagged by the community” when it was flagged as soon as I posted it!

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Who gives a :shushing_face: they can leave and find a casual alliance why should people who strive to put in all the work to earn rank 5 allow all the casual players to reap rewards for doing nothing?? Naaaa

Because casual is not synonymous to inactive.

Alliances are great! I have a lot of new friends from my alliance members and getting to talk to other alliances. My dino team would not be this strong without all of their help.

Top 5 contributors would be wonderful. It stinks not knowing if you were even close to 1st place.

I don’t know why your comment is flagged. I feel the same way and I’m sure many do.

They have potential.

Leaders need monitoring tools.

A sticky message board for announcements.

Chat scrolling needs to be fixed.

Sometimes messages or request don’t show.

Top contributor should be top contributors.

Overall it’s a great idea and nice addition but they need an update while the rest of the new features being added can take a pause.

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