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Opinions of: Ardentismaxima (1.9 version)

Article #38 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a teamslot? What are your opinions?

Tier: TBA (likely Tyrant)

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My opinion: looks op af with the changes they gave it. It and Gemini can now slaughter Thor if theyre at the same level and boosts as it. Working to replace my thor with it as soon as i get it unlocked, boosted, and caught up to team level

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Probably the strongest dino in the game right now. They over buffed all the Immune dinos. At equal levels it 2 shots like half the dinos in the game. I’m sure once we have all sunk a bunch of boosts and coins into them Ludia will come back claiming the miscalculated and it will be brought back down to earth. People have Maximas 2 levels below my Carnotarkus and I get 1 shot in and die even if Maxima doesn’t Crit. Crazy stuff. If kills all the speedsters and more.


Not OP at all. Balanced, and powerful, like it should be. Best balance change of 1.9 other than the magna health buff.


May i ask how it’s balanced? Gemini is the more balanced one of the two, but it just seems like Ardentis obliterates just about everything now. Even thor and tryko cant really stop it anymore thanks to it’s damage increase and the fact it has slowing and a rampage, which can cleave right through both. One of the few things that can stop both indoraptors and smilonemys (very likely to anyways. No one has the bugger yet). If im being honest, i think the only thing that can stop it is probably Magna, and even thats a gamble at times

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I think you’re overexaggerating it.

The problem is that people were so used to the fast dino meta, they were unprepared for a new, actually powerful tank to step onto the scene. I’ve faced my fair share of Maximas, and I use one on my team. Sure it’s a monster, but people overrate it. Specifically, the damage. 1.3k is good, sure, but it’s nothing earth shattering. It still loses to any thor and tenonto in the arena even with that damage.

Even in the context of even level battles, Maxima has one, crucial flaw. It has nothing for set-up dinos. If Maxima gets a kill, it’s probably lost a good chunk of health. And when a thor, tenonto, tryko, tryo, etc. steps on the field, it has nothing for them. No counter attack, no instant debuff, nothing. It’s complete set-up fodder, and often a liability in that regard.

Obviously not everyone is like this, but people don’t like change. And they’re not wrong to think that. The lack of boost resets has made changing teams and experimenting an absolute pain in the tuchas. But this repulsion to change and new, powerful meta dinos being introduced can definitely influence people’s experiences in battle, leading people to want to perserve the status quo in order to not deal with the headache of changing teams. That’s not their fault, that’s the fault of Ludia.

But back to the topic of Maxima. Is it powerful? Absolutely. It’s a unique made of two epics, and one of the few top tier tanks of the meta. Is it overpowered, unmanagable, or needing of a nerf? Definitely not.


Yea its way to powerful. Makes no sense how many buffs they gave it. Did it need some buffs? sure but its supposed to be a tank not an unstoppable killing machine. Its very similar to how they over buffed tryko several patches ago.

Thanks, someone that thinks before crying NERF NERF NERF! actually maxima is quite diffucukt to use because you need to know when to use it! As you said after it killed one Dino it’s completely set up fodder. It’s not an overboosted Thor that can one shot all your team. Yeah it can kill like half of the Dino in game but after that is dead and too ow to do anything


She‘s perfect so leave her be! As an Unique who also needs two epic ingredients she‘s finally worth it and a strong, but not op hybrid.
Sadly, I‘ve only fought one so far and managed to beat it with Diorajasaur cuz Maxima didn‘t crit.

I think Ludia should buff other weak Uniques (Tuora!!!) just like they buffed Maxima. She‘s strong, a bit situational and FINALLY a good counter against monster Thors.

So just learn how to counter it cuz Maxima isn‘t unbeatable and stop crying for nerfs.

Nerfs ruin the game balance more than well used buffs.


I love her hope it doesn’t get nerfed, about time we have great tanks.Mine is only level 22 but boosted damage to tier 7 :slight_smile:

It’s a great starter and good finisher when you need to tank a hit or two. It’s also a good decoy for counter attacker swap in.
Balances Procerathomimus, Rinex, Utasino that can kill 3/4 of dinos that aren’t immune.


What he said :+1:

Why players think Maxima wants a Nerf, because it can counter Chompers( Green one in particular)?
I say Chompers dictated Arena long enough. Now there’s a change coming and I like to stay it that way.

Like everyone said, if it kills a Dino one on one, it’s a sitting duck for the next Dino to come.


Actually I think, since the rise of the chompers we have days of raptors meta back. I started playing last few days of raptors meta, but now is mostly the same. Most dinos can one or two shot others, which is boring and don’t require any tactics. Then there are boosted DCs that can take out teams.

Maxima shook up this meta as can counter DCs and Thor. Though Thor can still easily beat it if Maxima don’t have full hp. Maxima reminds me on old Stegodeus, but it’s not even near the power and status Stegodeus had back then.
Maxima don’t need nerf, 150 other creatures need buffs!

Personally would like to see that dinos would get either great hp buff or big damage nerf, that battles would require more tactical approach not that any creature can two shot other creatures.

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It does this, so its all good in my book :smiling_imp:


And this … :laughing:



Ludia: “overvalued immunes”

Also Ludia: “buffs the hell out of Erlidom, Ardentis, and Procera”

I have faced several without any real difficulty, admittedly level and boosts and likely trailing behind a bit but it doesn’t seem drastically OP. So many people talk about a meta change yet cringe when it comes, let let it play out for a bit

As we know Ludia cares a lot for their boosts.
So make Health boosts +30% frοm their current state
Attack boosts -30% form their current state
and Speed boosts +1

And perhaps we will get tactical matches again.

i want to use all the abilities,not two or less and then have a dead dino.