Opinions of: Ardentismaxima

Decided im going to make a series of posts named “Opinions Of:” to see what people’s opinions are of each dino in the game, and Ardentis is the first on the list, so…what do you think of it? :slight_smile:

Tier: High Apex

Next Creature: Dracoceratops


Fantastic design, but should inherit more of brachi’s stats to me: 30% crit and 10% armor at least. I would rework it a bit (bellow instead of II and an other base strike) but it can be fine and can find some use in arena. So not a bad dino but not what i hoped once i saw 1.8 release notes. It has more potential than this in my opinion.


I haven’t tried it yet. Mine is level 23 too weak for my team. Once I get it to 25 I will try it but even then my team is moving ahead of that.


I’d love to run it on my team someday, but it needs a buff or 3. While it is extremely fat, the lack of armor from brachio sort of kicks it down a peg. Not to mention if it happens to get a lucky kill for whatever reason, which is quite rare from my experience in friendlies, it’s complete set-up fodder for the next dino.

If I were to improve it, I would drop deccel strike for pinning strike for the sake of utility, and drop II for bellow, to allow it to get one last slow in on the opposing dino before it dies, allowing your next dino to get easy set-up. Brachio armor and crit wouldn’t hurt either.

It really has potential, but it just falls short of being good enough to use on my team. Hopefully Ludia gives it the Gemini treatment in 1.9, because I REALLY want to use it.

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Permanent team member. Bellow would be a waste, since it already has the decel move. I prefer the instant invincibility. Pinning could be interesting but I feel might leave it open to the rampage and run of the dinos this is the counter for. All I say is give it 30% crit and it’s all good.


all he needs is:-
-more attack
-crits 30%
-armor 10%

mods please listen to all of us and inform ludia. its important before 1.9 release


How do you guys find yourselves using it in arena? Do you use ut as a closer, as an opener or a mid game dino? Which are its uses that you think it’s worth it to put it on a team? Thanks in advance

@Marco_A ardentismaxima kills all chicken, birds, ostrich, emu & purple lizard. but cannot kill thor/tryko/dio.

…erli,spy,dilo,utarinex,zor,utahsino, all die kill by it if face to face


It really depends on what your opponents usually starts with. I used to start with it just to make good damage on any dino … but lately, I’m keeping it mid or last for speedsters specifically .

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Immune tank
Real good start
No armor
Less cool I guess,
Less crit than totally awesome Brachiosaurus
Why add Brachi if you take away the two best parts of it?
It has a real cute fin on its back tho
Man, I miss tank meta sometimes