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Opinions of: Arena

Article #17 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Do you find it fun? What are your opinions?

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My opinion: despise it. Although i have been getting more fair matches recently and im back in Mid-Aviary (where i was before 1.7 dropped). Current team got me back :slight_smile:

I’m in marshes and I hope to stay in marshes



At the area I am currently in (Lockwood Estate 4241) it seems pretty fun, as long as I don’t get matched with one of those 130+ speed thors that deals 2K+ damage like this thing right here:

I like the rewards too, some dracorex, some chances of Erliko (didn’t get it from incubators yet), 4 boosts of each daily. I don’t really feel the need to go up into Aviary, the scenery here is delightful.

This ones complicated.
It’s a great concept, but the matchmaking needs work.
The top need to be able to battle each other.
There is no excuse for the best of the best to not be able to match each other.
Rewards should not be more power.
They need to come up with skins, a physical trophy, Longhorn steakhouse gift certificates… I dunno. They obviously don’t need more power.
I personally would love to tick off the wife with an ugly Golden Velociraptor version of a leg lamp. To put by the window and stand on the sidewalk.

“Holy cow! What is that Mark?”

“It’s a Velociraptor trophy I won in a tourney. Isn’t it beautiful?”


The Arena was okay to start with and slowly got worse. The matchmaking change and boosts threw it all up in the air but I feel things are starting to settle down now into something that works - at least in Sorna Marshes and below. The only things that bother me now in the Arena are opponents with cheesy OP teams and Dracoceratops.

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The arena in its current state is in my opinion, a dumpster fire. There are some good points, but mostly its who has the most boost invested, which makes it difficult for lower level players to get anywhere and brings down the variety of dinos people play with. Who knows, maybe it’ll get better, but it’s more than likely going to take some serious overhauling of the game to make it what everyone wants.

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should i talk about arena or matchmaker? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
arena: :+1:
1.7+ matchmaker: :-1:

It was much more fun before boost came out. Even then I wouldn’t call it fun but it was less frustrating. I just Battle to get incubators, daily missions, and alliance missions. There’s no fun in arena.

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Once, arena was the thing about this game to me that really set it apart from the likes of PoGo. A genuine PvP feature that was actually enjoyable to play. Sure losing was annying, especially to rng, but the overall experience was a positive, and the trophy win/loss meant that you could slowly grind up through the arenas even if you were losing every other game and only stopped climbing when your losses exceeded your wins, effectively reaching your current ceiling that it would be rewarding to break through. And then Ludia started ruining it, update after update, slowly but surely making it the worst feature of the game by far. First came Dracorex G2’s’ instant win move, then they gave it to its even more annoying hybrid, then they committed the ultimate sin and added stat boosts. Now breaking through your ceiling comes not from working hard to level up your dinos by finding dna, but by shelling out money for boosts. Now matches are decided not by who makes the right plays or has the right dinos at the right levels, but who spent more on boosts. It’s an utter… I cant say what it is since i’ll get censored, but yeah it’s that bad. I avoid arena now like the plague, and groan inwardly every time I have a ‘open daily battle incubator’ or ‘complete x number of battles’ mission. Seriously the thing I’m most infuriated at ludia for ruining.


Thats around where mine is as well, although theres plenty of things by this point that can stop it

I don’t yet have any true Thor counters at the moment, but working on Erlikospyx. Then will work on Utarinex.

I used to love the arena, but currently the mm in the Aviary - where I appear to be permanently stuck because of it - is beyond bad.

Friends in higher and lower arenas (or leagues) say it’s fine, but in the Aviary it’s definitely not. My only hope is that 1.9 goes back to trophy count only mm, which is the only thing that could fix this hot mess.


I dont like it. I fought this guy 3 times in a row (beat him everytime). Just to find out he’s 400+ trophies above me with this team. I float between 4700 and 5100 and i get matches with all lvl 30 teams lower in trophy count than people like this. The fact you can put 1-3 super weak dinos on your team and just fight people 500 trophies below you and still get 30 trophies from it is ridiculous. Getting 30+ trophies from beating someone lower than you is just dumb to begin with. If Ludia would take the time to refine it then it wouldn’t be an issue but they won’t. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. How is it fair and balanced when i have say 4 tier 7 dinos across the board and 4 tier 3’s. I get out in a match where i get all my tier 3’s and my opponent gets all their tier 7’s that are also very likely to be 2-5 levels higher than the dinos i even have. It’s not fair and balanced. At all. Ludia has no plans to return this game back to how good it use to be. It’s all completely about money now, they don’t care about how anyone feels. It’s sad and the only reason i still play is because of my alliance and the time and effort i already put into it. I won’t spend anymore though.


with this mechanics, battles won’t ever be fair.
with trophies-only or team score matchmaker.

simply because we just can’t choose our 4 dinos and can’t choose our opponent.
we will always have a supposedly random sorted destiny.
we don’t know who we are gonna battle next time, and with what dinos we are gonna play. we can have our 4 worst against player’s 4 best. and this can happen a lot of times in a row (random things, remember?).

God of Random will ever rule here with this mechanics.

:rofl: and a few random words so it accepts the post.

Agreed, I used always have incubators running. Arena is so bad now though I just do enough to get the daily battle incubator and quit. One time I only got a 15 minute incubator for the entire day it was so bad. If the daily gives me a 12 battle one I just do friendlies, don’t even bother with the arena anymore if I don’t have to, it’s a joke. In Aviary I am constantly battling people 4 levels higher than me. I suppose it is because they don’t have enough players to do proper matches or the system is just that bad.

Team I can agree with but without it you would see the same dinosaurs all the time and Dracoceratops and/or Thoradolosaur would be a component of every team.

As for who you play, that could lead to unscrupulous players making a second account on a partner or friends phone and playing that to just rise in trophy score with ease. Or even friends and Alliance members throwing games to help with that.

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Arena as a concept is the main reason I’ve played the game since it started. However, I find it less and less fun. Matchmaking is poor, boosts are dreadful, but what has surprised me is how dull it is now. I’m in Aviary, so don’t know what it is like elsewhere, but we only see the same 12 or so dino. And they are the same ones I am fighting with.

I’m only really in the game to complete my dinodex, so arena is the only way I get arena locked dino. Otherwise, I might not bother.

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