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Opinions of: Campaign

Article #33 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it enjoyable? Was it a good feature? What are your opinions?

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My opinion: really fun and enjoyable, but goes by quickly. Gets really hard to play once at the last area of the mode, and the final boss is a jw meme

This mode was the reason i unlocked Dioraja and Geminititan


It was a blast. It’s also nice to have the ability to replay levels to test person.

I wish it was in the game from the beginning. It would have been fun to experience it the way it was meant to be.


I spent 6 hours straight playing,having a great time and even more with the incredible Rewards!!!


Sry for being negative.And sry because i will repeat myself again.

So it seems like achievements. Done once and then forgotten.

This is not what new content supposed to be.


agree with him
even if campaign was interesting .
I hope they will add few more lvl like the 2 lasts

It was interesting.It would be very good if there was from the beginning.This way it would have lasted more than a year.Now some players have completed it in less than 2 hours.And a big part of the playerbase are very close to 62-63 mission.
The other negative thing is that, to more advanced players (except rewards) didn’t add more excitement except the two final missions.

I wouldn’t mind dealing with a few more sections of this Campaign mode. Make it fun and challenging, like a brain puzzle. Make your players want to fight hard opponents, make the AI anticipate moves, make us think about actual strategy.

Some may argue that the harder opponents are just a way to make us buy more boosts, but maybe they’re just thinking the “obvious” and cynical way. Maybe boosts will help, but the harder opponents are meant to challenge those that have all the endgame dinos and want something to do.

I mean, we never complained about boosts when Lord Lythronax came out the woodworks. Nobody said anything about spamming a boosted Thor to make it work - all we needed were strong dinos and/or a good strategy to overcome him.

It’s the same thing, even though it’s been completed by those who already have a team of level 28 and higher dinos. That just means that the rest of us will have to work on our own endgame team. Something to work towards.

So I hope that the game devs think of other ways to add onto this Campaign. Maybe I having us fight a themed enemy base, but scarier. Like this:

Counter Attackers





All of them evenly boosted to Tier 4 (or 5). Levels could vary or be evened out.

Make them smarter, and viable to stomp on you like a bug.

Or maybe a swapper team like:





Have them switch around appropriately and intelligently, not like some noob who doesn’t understand the mechanics of the game.

And for funsies, allow folks to let us fight with whomever we want. Not everyone has a team of dinos that are higher than level 25. Heck, I JUST leveled my Monosteg to level 23, and that’s just because she was my highest leveled one before the nerf (Raptor Jebuz, plz have mercy on her attack :cry:).

The point is to make it fun for the endgamers, and those who just want to want to play around with thier team without too much stress.

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I love it. I keep replaying some levels to see the old arenas and use different dinos.

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I thought it was awesome, I’m surprised so much of the rewards included Legendary and Unique DNA, even if it was a small amount, it all still helped.

I’ve had fun. It was a breeze for most of it.

I’m stuck on level 69 though. I don’t believe I’ll be able to beat it. Since I’m staying unboosted the erlikospyx is faster than all my creatures.

It 1 shots my 28 erlidomimus and bleeds out my 30 Stegodeus. I think it 1 shots my 27 magna.

Since I can’t slow it down I can’t beat it. Sometimes it switches to the indoraptor gen 2 and I have defeated it.

The AI is smart though, if I’m immune it won’t do lethal lol.

The level or 2 before 69 was pretty tough for me with the swapping birds. It took a few tries.


I thoroughly enjoyed it and I wished they would have done Campaign mode a long time ago. Grateful that it is a thing now. One gripe about it is that redoing of chapters does not count towards Daily battle quotas. That is the only thing that irks me.

Honestly I really like it. Wish they implemented it earlier on because I moved through the levels pretty fast. Only 2 left, and I am REALLY surprised you can get a premium incubator by beating a much harder Lord Lythronax.

I’m loving it. The DNA rewards are amazing

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The lower arenas did indeed brought back some good memories when I was just starting out on this game, things were pure and simple then generally speaking, grind your dinos, lvl them up, climb up the arenas, engage in forum discussions abt good battle strategies. But this feeling goes away quickly when it turns into a mental comparison btw last time and current game state :pensive:

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It was fun but I really wanted something more like an actual storyline instead of an expanded introduction. Copy what Jurassic World the Game does, and have the various characters send you on missions to fight battles, hunt specific animals, collect DNA… etc. That is what I would have preferred. Also, have it expandable every update to keep it going.


Yeah the boosts are what took away some of that excitement for me.

Good addition. And I think they would definitely add new event specific campaign missions. Otherwise it would be a huge loss of opportunity.

edited : I’m curious how long have they been developing this. It seems to me that it takes a long time to do so.

This is really fun. The reward is also awesome. I think everyone is happy with this new feature. I stop at 72 as I have only one L28 dino. Now my goal is to get 3 more L28 dinos to pass that spot. I hope the campaign will expand.

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