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Opinions of: Carnotarkus

Article #34 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a teamslot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Mid Apex

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My opinion: hp is sort of a letdown, but other than that, really good creature. Cleansing strike wouldve done wonders for it instead of superiority Strike, but at least it has speed control

I agree it’s lacking in the hp standpoint. I have one that’s only lv 17 at this point. A bit of health boost and she does wonders as a surprise dino. If it can survive a thor attack, she can widdle down its health a bit for something else to finish it off. If played right, she can also do a decent amount of damage to a tryko.

Was disappointed that it looks like a spiky cow (I named mine Moo Moo).
Indeed, could use more HP. Speed control + distraction removal is pretty interesting.
It’s good against those pesky overleveled Miragaias and it even beat Grypholyth 1v1 in campaign. And it is lvl 17, unboosted.
Good to use as a spikestrip when you know there’s an opponent that’s bleeding or has low HP and all it takes is 1 rending counter to kill it. If it has the speed advantage, it topples Indominus even if the Indominus is 3 to 4 levels higher.

Definitely needs a bit more HP. With it, she could be a slight counter to Thor.

Overall though, she is pretty good. Now if only Wuerho DNA was a little easier to get hold of…

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Sucks that wuerho moved to be a park spawn.

I love the thing. It’s on my level 15-16 winning team. Instant distraction, destroy shields counter attack, 2X damage and shields against non shield breakers. It’s great.

Mine is level 20 and I’ve been debating taking it to 25 or 30 and replacing my 30 Stegodeus. I’m not sure though. It just looks so stupid while the epic is awesome looking.

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Purrutaurus: Who are you?
Carnotarkus: I’m you, but FAT and SPIKY


I rly dont like the whole hybrid lane, it takes like 0 from its ingredients

I love spiky cow; it was my original answer to the Raptor meta and I’ve been waiting for a Wuerho hybrid ever since! I do wish it was more hardy so that it could get more rending counters off - I feel like too many things are able to beat it down, especially with all the immune stuff in higher arenas.