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Opinions of: Diloracherius

Article #28 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a teamslot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Tyrant

Next Article: Thylacotator (gonna wait until the update drops and people use it)

My opinion: Hard af to get cuz of dilophosaurus, but otherwise a great dino. Too bad it got slammed hard this patch via more immnities

Eh. I hear a lot of good things about this one, and I see it often. But I’ve never once had a problem taking it down.

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Lowest first turn damage among all tyrant speedsters, so the play style is limited to revenge kill.

Indirectly nerfed in v1.9 patch, I may have to bench her.


Formerly ludicrous, now a victim of power creep. Needs some kind of edge to stay tyrant

I think this patch will see it bumped down to apex


Got it at 25 an only leveling it up as it comes in case of a update in her favor. But just my opinion I haven’t liked it since I created it.

Tough to find the rare and epic ingredients for.

Sometimes it’s great other times it isn’t. Depends on what you come against. If you come out with it and they bring an immune out you’re screwed because you’ll lose or you lose a turn switching.

I think the design is alright. However I wish dilophosaurus had a really cool hybrid. None of them look like the dilo and cool.

Ouranosaurus is impossible to get, so I don’t have it yet. Yes, it was featured this weekend, but I couldn’t find enough of them. I was swamped by Brachiosaurus. My opinion is the world needs more Ouranosaurus.

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I’ve heard people say good stuff about it but also bad stuff, and I’ve also taken out every dilorach I’ve faced. I prefer to invest in Erlidom and Erlikospyx.

Monster of a revenge killer, switching it in on something slower in first turn KO range usually means I’m going to blow a big hole in my opponent’s team.

Not to mention with some minor prediction it leaves some big threats like Tryko floundering in 1v1

Edit: however I do have to agree with people above, it’s a very situational dino

I have had Diloarcherius for a long time. It was my 2nd unique after Indoraptor.

It is as mentioned above a crap T1 fighter. It was the Indoraptor counter since it had Distracting Impact then GSR. Move changed to Distracting Strike but that made it have a mind game aspect.

In 1.7 and 1.8, its pretty solid since it has quite a bit of HP and damage. Its ability to speed control, damage control and run away made it quite scary to battle.

Vulnerable to anything that can avoid its Turn 2 damage like Monostego and Erlid/ErlikoS.

Pretty much crapped on by the new update with many dinos it was used to counter now immune to something in its moveset. ErlikoS now no longer slowable, IndoR immune to both Distract and Stun. So yeah. I have good memories using it. Prob still use him till things change.

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I feel that it “was” the best revenge killer in the game. Set up an easy kill, then stun and run doing 5800 damage without taking a hit. However, with the buff to immunity this patch, it’s much harder for it to work its magic. Shame too, was one of my favorites.

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Haha I’d say the opposite for me. The majority of epic dinos that I started this past weekend were Oranosaurus, with a splash of Brachi. I only had darted one Diplo the whole time.

Lucky… I wanted the Ouranosaurus so bad…

i was trying to collect deinocheirus but i stopped.

i can’t talk much about from perspective of using it, because i don’t have it.

but i love to face it in arena, it’s easy to beat with my team.

Surprisingly still the ugliest chicken in the game. The fact that it got deino’s ‘hump’, instead of dilo’s frill is stupid and makes it ugly

1st move is meh & if the 2nd move aka Greater Stunning Rampage (75%) doesn’t stun… you’re cooked. Lousy against immune dinos. Mine is gonna get benched sooner or later even though it is level 30 with 6/6/7 boost.

1.8: Very good Dino. Normally start with her, Rinex or Suchotator. Used to deal with Thors which normally start

1.9: Given new immune stuff may bench, or Rinex, can’t decide but with lower health pool she is first on the chopping block which Maxima is unlocked, just need that Brachi DNA

Excelent rat bait. A beast as a revenge killer. Gonna keep it. I’ll never bench something that beats Thors.

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I’ve been debating on sitting diloracheirus for indoraptor