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Opinions of: Diorajasaur

Article #31 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a teamslot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Tyrant

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My opinion: basically a tryko clone. Id love to use it, but im strained for teamslots right now. If they increased teamslots by 4, Dio would be one of those 4 to go on the team


I have both tryko anda dioraja on my team with a lot of other counter atack dinos (they are my favourit) and to be honest i feel like dio is way better then tryko is counter its very good and SS really makes him a tyrant ,sad indos become a pain but still manageable


I use one. It’s awesome. Tryko is obviously better, but people are too quick to dismiss it just because of that.

With all the new immune to distraction dinos, Diora and Tryko suffer, but with Ferocious strike Diora just pips Tryko for me. The full counter bypasses everything too.
I get that Tryko has the DSR but so many dinos seem to have distracting moves and that puts paid to Tryko ace.


I prefer Tryko because of the rampage and higher crit chance. Like i said, im strapped for teamslots, and id love to use Dio too if they let you have more than 8

It needs a radiated blast. nods

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I love my dioraja - it very consistently pulls its weight on my team and I’ll often net at least a KO plus taking a chunk out of whatever switches into it after.

I can understand people seeing it as a budget Tryko since the lack of a Rampage makes it less proficient at muscling through whatever’s in front of it, but I find through being conservative with your distractions and invincibility it has staying power (and annoyance value) in situations where Tryko wouldn’t

Love my Dio. Unlike Tryko, it isn’t hampered by other dinos’ distractions. I think a lot of opponents forget Dio has Superiority, or they just cross their fingers that I won’t use it. She also has the bulk to take a few hits, so if your opponent spams distractions, you can keep using her basic attack until they are their own undoing.

That said, Tryko is annoying as heck and I still wouldn’t mind having her on my team.

When I first saw Dio’s silhouette I thought it would have a stegosaur body but the head of a rajakylo. When I found out it was just a spikier rajakylo with a big head I was kinda disappointed

That is something I have thought about

I have Diorajasaur, one of my favorite dino’s, I think he’s better than Tryko and funner to use