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Opinions of: Diplovenator

Article #40 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a team slot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Low Apex

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Comment down below who youd like to see next. Any creature/game feature works, as usual, including any nonhybrids if anyone’s interested.

My opinion: hard counters every chomper known to man except maybe Allo gen 2 (idk, never seen the matchup). Had potential, but is ubderwhelming, even more so this patch since immunity is starting to be the norm

Quite distracting (no pun intended) and irritating

All hail the god Diplovenator. :infinity:

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Give him 3900 hp and he will be good to go

Im just waiting for its unique

I love him but as you said,hard counter any chompers but don’t do anything to anything else.
He earn immunity but in the same time,he can’t fight anything in this immune meta,lots of people have stop their chomper to put ardentis,gemini instead.

Reminds me of a sausage that got left in a car for 5 weeks. Not the prettiest thing

I was really interested in Diplovenator when it first got announced as a way to keep the Thors in Aviary in check. However mine’s severely underleveled compared to my team so I’ve never had reason to use it, and the rise of immunities isn’t doing it any favours