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Opinions of: Dsungaia

Article #15 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a team slot? What are your opinions?

Tier: High Apex

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My opinion: -confused dsungaripterus screams-

I’ve only fought one, but it was level 16, so didn’t get to see much. It seemed pretty strong even against my Nodopatotitan. I like its alien aspect, though I have to meet a higher level one to get a good feel of its actual power.

Yeah, i used it in friendlies and it looks very obnoxious. Too bad dsungaripterus is a pain to get dna for :expressionless:

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I’ve fought only a few of them. I can say with certainty tho, that it is a pain to fight, especially boosted. Other than my procerathomimus, I haven’t had any luck with dealing with them.

I use an unboosted Miragaia and it’s pretty strong, even in lockdown. Can’t wait till I get Dsungaia.

In terms of aesthetics, the thing is surprisingly sleek for something that looks like it starved itself. That mouth also reminds me of Gorebyss


Being a total fan on counter attackers I’d like to introduce her on my team but still level 17 and no trace to find dsunga bird in parks…

Same happens finding werhousaurus for Carnotarkus…

Tried one once on my team, the low HP let it down. Other than that, pretty good.

That pokemon looks pretty. Too bad it isnt viable at all in the competitive scene…i really need to return to that game :slight_smile:

Plus Shedinja as my profile pic so…

Dsungaripterus is unavailable in the wild AND in incubators. Shes an event exclusive

Pretty. Until it sucks your bodily fluids. That’s why I stick with Huntail


Same goes with Kabutops, but that thing is my favorite pokemon. Anyhow, this is a Dsungaia post, not a pokemon one. Lets not stray off the main topic for too long XD


I can still vaguely remember when Wuerhosaurus was everywhere… I now wish I’d insisted on darting every one :frowning:

I’d have a stronger opinion of Dsungaia if I ever got any Dsungaripterus DNA, though…

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I just love the thing, even the weird look, the stats and kit is perfect imo.

I wonder how Dsungaia would look like if a professional paleo-artist decided to draw it. I imagine that it would look pretty sad and terrifying but maybe a thin proboscis welding stegosaurus wouldn’t look that bad if it were real

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It looks like an animated quadrupedal cactus, and its face is uncanny. I’ve only seen it in battle twice and wasn’t like, super impressed, mostly just distracted by its appearance. Dsungaripterus is so impossible to get that I won’t have this dino for ten years.

My opinion is none, since the only Dsungaripterus DNA I ever got was when I won season tournament prizes for finishing with over 5,000 trophies in the good old pre-boost days. There was one month when we got that particular DNA, so I’ve been donating it all to my alliance. Hit me up Sand Duners! :wink:

I’ve used mine, but only during Strike Towers, since I only had enough Dsungaripterus DNA to create it, and that was with lucky fuses too. Haven’t boosted mine yet either, cause I want to wait until I get her at team level before I try anything.

Welp, that will probably take half a year ;_;

Anyway, I’ve seen it once in the Ruins, and that was at level 24. Boosted, but I couldn’t tell you how much. I think it was an AI, so I couldn’t even get an accurate and thrilling battle from it. But from what I did see, a boosted Dsungaia is pretty powerful. Can hard counter many dinos that rely on speed (that aren’t immune), and can dish out tons of damage thanks to that Ferocious Strike. I just hope that Thagomizer will be replaced with Armor Piercing Impact (or rampage), cause it already has Slowing Shielding Strike and a slowing counter attack.

If that change is made, then Dsungaia will be a good hybrid to have.

So it has my positive opinion, with just a hint of criticism in movesets.

honestly, if it had higher hp, it would very well be tyrant. My opinion, of course :wink:

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All I think of when I see this thing; where is any dsungaripterus so I can make this freak of nature?