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Opinions of: Erlidominus

Article #43 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a teamslot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Tyrant

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My opinion: One of my first uniques and one of my favorite dinos in the entire game. Fantastic Rat revenge killer and it’s buff wasn’t really necessary. Might get dropped by Indoraptor Gen 2 once the boost reset occurs since ill be transitioning to a more bulky team.

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The unique I’m closest to unlocking. I love that its in game icon looks like it just committed the crime of the century and is gloating. Lol

At the right speed, Erlidom is indeed a tyrant. Without, rather useless. I used as a DC counter for a while, but I soon found that my level 21 Erlidom couldn’t counter the level 26+ DCs at all, and sadly dropped it.

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It’s a pain to level thanks to Erlikosaurus being hard to get. It’s worth using if you commit though

Oh, I have more than enough Erliko - but I also run Tryko. It’s the T-Rex I always run out of.

L26 and love it. A bit of a glass cannon, but I like dangerous.


Thats what it’s supposed to be lol

Nicknamed mine Grim Reaper. In my team for fast takedowns to anything without an armour.

I like Earl, but I think it’s missing something in its Kit, it doesn’t work just right. I can’t drop it because it always crits at just the right time and is one of my biggest.

I love this things design, and I really want to unlock it… 160/250… gonna be a rough ride…

Not using it. Got 4 speeders already and it’s way too easy to counter.

I love this Dino but it needs strategy to get the best out of it. All too often if you start with it a Dioraja or Tryko will make you wish you hadn’t led with it.
But as a rat killer it’s second to none and it will hit any Dino without armour or shield with a hefty whack, often enough to take it out in one.
I would say that it’s one of my favourite dinos and since the buff it no longer gets wiped out by the rat so I’m all for that!

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I used it for a while and liked it until it got outsped by Thors because I didn’t have enough speed boosts in it. I was also getting “punished” for having Erlidom and Dilorach on my team, so I dropped those two uniques and replaced them with two legendaries-Stegod and Tragod. They hold up better against DracoceRAT-OPs, and mm was more friendly to me after that.

As far as cloak, I only liked it for the boosted rampage. I don’t like gambling, so I now run an almost RNG-free team. No cloaking or evasive stance dinos at all.

Mine is level 28 and I love it. It’s fun to use. Mine is usually slower than everything since I don’t use Boost but it’s still really good and like mentioned it destroys dracoceratops.

A real nightmare in the arena when boosted properly.

I find it quite overrated, having a shield or invincibility does the deal.

My first unique, and since I’ve been saving up boosts, (after Kapro reached a reasonable boost strength) I’ve turned my Erlidom into a monster. It not only kills rats, but can wipe out unprepared teams if no tanks are around.