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Opinions of: Geminititian

Article #18 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a teamslot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Tyrant

Next Creature: Ornithomimus

My opinion: currently working towards it and from what others have heard, it outbulks and damages everything hard. If thats true, then it will 100% be going on my team…

…once i finish suffering the labor needed to unlock it, however


I feel like this warrants a screenshot of @Idgt902’s beast of a Gemini.



The first lvl 30 Gemini! Congratulations @Idgt902. You worked so tirelessly & hard on this one. So tough! We are very proud of you. :heart:


The first lvl 30 redneck long-neck!

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Congratulations @Idgt902. Perseverance, dedication and hardwork, that’s why you’re the man everyone is trying to beat. Although behind every man is @practicekat who is closing in on your spot. :joy:


She’s actually in front of me on everything except for this one :joy:


It is a very good dino. It’s kit allows you a chance to beat basically anything with the proper guesses. Surprisingly can beat tryko if they misplay. It’s probably the most fun I’ve had in the arena in a long time just from using her.


Dinosaur of the Day: Geminititan

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It was not an easy feat ! We at AP are very proud of you our friend @Idgt902 !

Calling out to all players who has high level Gemini LEGITIMATELY leveled up. You deserve our outmost respect ! Please post here… you deserve the recognition!!!


Restecp indeed.
but how did you work for this when 2 are incubator only?
i didnt miss their dna but mine just made it to 24 :’)

Mine is level 22 so I haven’t tried it yet. I like the colors on it and it’s cool it’s a carnivore.

When it was available for hybrid pursuit I hunted for at least 14 hrs per day.


by car i assume? :sweat_smile:
I found 1 in 5 days of 4 hour hunting trips, give or take 20 hours.
how many did you find in 98 hours?

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Yeah by car lol. Tbh I lost count after day 4. But I was well over 40. If I was a better darter I may have made 30 that week lol. I have always liked the sauropods. Honestly the only reason I pushed so hard

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that many wow.
now my score feels even worse :joy:

sauropods are my favorite too, so it’ll be in my team after this weekends attempts ^^

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ha! next is “Becky”

I use it too. Like idgt said, it can do well against a lot of things if played well. The fact is that it’s a real mind game dino and is not so easy to play with and make the right move choice. Its stats are huge and, like tryko, can do well even if underleveled. I personally like it very much.

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Why do people like this more than the immune long neck unique? I’m trying to get levels and boosts into both to make then viable

Gemini has 1.5k base damage, Maxima 1030.