Opinions of: Grypolyth

Article #7 in the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a team slot? What are your opinions?

Tier: High Apex

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My opinion: easily my favorite creature in my lineup. Fantastic staller, as well as immobilize setting up for big kills. Wouldnt get rid of it unless it received a major nerf


I’ve got dio and tryko in my lineup and I was thinking of adding grypolyth. Think that’s too much?

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I think its design and coloring looks great. Also it can be really annoying to fight with that instant lock and regen

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Grypo vs. Grypo is also fun to watch :wink:

Trust me, it’s happened to me before


I’d love to use it, but it needs one last big push to even have a chance at being on my team.

Would it receiving Ferocious Defense Shattering Strike do? That unused move i feel screams Grypolyth

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Mine isn’t high enough to be used in my team so I have no idea lol. I know it was hard to get. It was one of my last 3-4 dinos to complete my dinodex. But I’ve also never been a fan of the crocs

This one is something that I truly cannot state a well thought out opinion on. I’ve only fought it once or twice, and that was the flipping AI using it on top of that fact, so you know that I wasn’t gonna get a good fight.

From what I can remember from my fights, it is good at whittling your health away. I had trouble with the stuns and rending counter thanks to my high health commitment :sweat_smile:

Funny enough it’s one of the few I haven’t been able to create. I don’t care how good a dino does. I pick my team based on how much I like them or how much satisfaction I get from winning with them.

I am a huge croc/gator lover irl. So Grypo will be on my team no matter what.

Btw I think Grypo needs a buff. As one of the dinos still existing today it ought to be the most resilient in the game. Tenontorex and Grypo are two that deserve buffs.