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Opinions of: Indominus Rex

Article #9 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a team slot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Mid Apex (somehow?)

Next Creature: ???

Put down in the comments what youd like the next creature to be. I will decide from them and pick one for tomorrows “Opinions of:” article. Peace :stuck_out_tongue:


My opinion: very fun to play before 1.8 struck; replaced my trex with it back in the day. However, it is very reliant on rng going its way and is extremely reliant on cloak to do anything meaningful. Not to mention Alankylosaurus and basically anything with shields can hard counter this thing. It had it rough in 1.8, and im shocked its even in mid apex currently. Thought it wouldve dropped to low apex or even high alpha due to it being so reliant on cloak

great dino. will be lvl 30 someday. needs a ds move.


Was pretty good in the past, now it was at best a not so good rat killer that forced the rat to stick around otherwise risk the next critter getting a full face of cloak ramage. Also worked against sinoceratops, mainly when cloak didn’t fail twice in a row. Replaced it with Erlidominus now though.

Nice… Until the dodge nerf

Indom still works on my team but I’m thinking of replacing it soon, it just can’t hold up like it use to.

Solid for midgame, not ideal in higher arenas. Served me very well in lockdown - ruins way back in the day though. I did end up growing to hate it because of how much of an RNGfest it was to use and battle against, but I’ve made peace.

Any suggestions for the creature to feature in article #10?

Monomimus, or Monostego.


It’s legit. I no longer use it but I still fight boosted and higher level ones. I stopped mine at 20. It’s a gamble with the cloak now though but it still hits hard with the extra damage from cloaking. It’s a cool looking creature too.

Next: utasinoraptor, erlikospyx, Trykosaurus

Pretty forgetful. I guess it’s alright I can’t remember any notable times I’ve had with her. Her death was pretty cool in the movie though.

Indo-rex was my first legendary on both my accounts. It’s good in the team range of 15 to 20 but gets replaced by better legendary’s and unique’s.

I know everyone has their own opinion to where the real endgame starts, and rightfully so.

Before it was the Aviary, now it’s the Lockwood Library, IMO.

Once you are comfortable here, you are at the early end game, again, IMO.

Therefore Indominus is an end game dino for some players.

Indominus has not been done justice to it’s iconic movie appearance, but it’s still a decent dino in this game.

Subjectively it’s my favorite dino in the game, so it’s easy for me to get biased,

but constructively speaking, it’s in need of ;

  • Speed buff to 109+

  • 10 % armor.

To become truly meta relevant.

I run a lvl 27 Indom, in the Lockwood Library, at 5250 trophies, and it’s still a powerhouse for me,

so I’m not sure where it will fall off in performance, but I have seen multiple top 100 players run “inferior” dinos, so you don’t need the 8 “best” dinos in your lineup to succeed.

And for some players it’s about beating the meta teams and tactics, with “creative” plays, and dinos.

I think everyone can afford a “Wild card”, slot in their team, and although Indom is only mid apex, it certainly is a fun dino to use.

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I use it heavily boosted since I thought it was super cool in the movie, but soon I’ll replace it with maxima as my new big, bad immune

Having immunity and being bulky are it’s real apex worthy traits, but its so counterable lately and obviously the dodge spite is the nail in its coffin. Shame the most popular hybrid of the series goes down this way.

If dodge will remain a glorified finicky shield, then the evaders need real compensation.

Indominus needs 10% armor, and shattering strike to remain useable in the upper arenas.

I’d be interested in a opinion of monostego or trago

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Trex: i did it cuz it was invading my territory
Blue: i did it because i wanted to avenge my sisters
Mosasaurus: i did it cuz the neighbors were too loud


I have a boosted level 20 on my second account team. It still comes in handy in mid-Sorna where I am now, and it’s great for strike events as long as I don’t depend on the cloak to win. I use the cloaking mainly for the extra rampage power.

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i love her, she’s my number 1 favourite dinosaur/hybrid in the actual movie franchise, this game and in general. though in my opinion she needs a buff…

personally i’ve been thinking like, increase her speed to 109 or 111, replace armour piercing rampage with defense shattering rampage, replace armour piercing impact with distracting impact, and give her like 10% to 20% armour… and then maybe, but just huge MAYBE increase her attack/damage to 1500, although with cloak that won’t be too necessary

and i would also LOVE to change that 13 feet tall bs in her “about this creature” text to 20 feet tall, like it should say! because that is something that have bothered me pretty much ever since i got the game early june last year. she’s 20 feet/6 meters tall when full grown, not just 13 feet/about 4 meters tall.

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he deserve to be faster than the rest of the end game chompers


btw mine is level 24 with everything boosted to tier 6 and im at lockwood manor with 4397 trophies.

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