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Opinions of: Indoraptor Gen 2

Article #30 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a teamslot? Have you played friendlies with it? What are your opinions?

Tier: TBA

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my opinion: Cautious strike looks like an op move. Couldnt get it yet due to the lack of echo dna, but once it is unlocked, it is 100% going on my team. Basically better than the unique Indoraptor Gen 1

Are you part of an alliance

For Indo G² CS is OP because of its Imunity to Distraction.

I really wanna put her on my team. I tested her out in the campaign mode (as much as I could against level 3-5 dinos) and she can do a crap ton of damage. Compared to other dinos of her level, she’s pretty sleek. Plus, I just love the aesthetic.

Managed to obtain it and level it to 17. Boosted 4/5/4. Plan on boosting evenly, and plan on leveling to team level. Just a lack of Blue DNA.

Cautious Strike does a lot for a basic move, and because of that, I’m trying not to get attached to it, for I see a nerf in the next patch. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, and I’ve yet to face one in the arena. As expected, it’s a bit frail, but then again, that’s because it’s level is not in the 20s.

I call her White Shadow. She’s pretty cool and I prefer this one over her Unique brother. First time using her I faced a level 22 Indo. Used Mutual Fury after surviving a Cleansing Impact, then outsped them, rampaged, and beat them with a well timed crit.

Mutual Fury is good for making your opponent ask themselves if they want to sacrifice the dino they’re using, or if they want to sacrifice another dino they may have wanted to save later. It’s a gamble for the both of you.


im part of “The Disturbed Ones.” ive been there since alliances first dropped

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unlocked and tried in friendly battles…

OH MY GOD!!! That’s a demon!!!

some friends i soloed them all with indor2. some other i hurt half of them.
:scream: :japanese_goblin:

first battle, friend started with indo1. it was 2 shots. next swapped to a swap in bleeder, didnt help because caution cleared indo2. and bye one more. next was a 2 shot too, bye tyrano.

the second battle was not soloed because of bad luck on one caution dodge and good luck on friend crits. or would be a massacre too.

holy *. definetly a monster.

edit: i didn’t try mutual yet. only choosen forever: caution, definite, caution, definite, caut…

it was a beast to battle during the campaign lol

Looks like indo with leprosy. I get it, it has good stats, but idk why ludia likes to make them ugly

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It is quite possibly the best dino in the game. Having used it in friendlies against teams of full uniques, I have swept a few teams and taken out 2 dinos in others. The only reason it was taken down was dracocera.

Got mine at level 18 right now. Stopped fusing because the fuses became bad…

I’m aiming to put her on my team, replacing DC at long last.

Anybody else want it to carry the 10% armor like Blue? Just me? Or would that make her super broken? Like, it’s only 10%.

Coupled with evasion and distraction, id say it would be somewhat broken

It would be even more broken than it already is

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Oh okay. Just wondering. It would be fun to experiment, but perhaps y’all right.

But lets face it; not as broken as smilonemys or rat

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I will respectfully disagree, and trust me I hate dracocera. Indo2 beats smilo 1v1, only loses to 2 dinos that I can think of (erlidom and gemini) and even then it has a small chance to win.

Smilo loses way more 1v1 matchups.

Doesn’t it lose against Ardentis as well?

I love it, but I can feel a nerf coming since so many people already say it’s OP. So i’m afraid of getting too attached haha. The kit and immunities are way too good. Stats are even better than indo g1(1500 damage on this one). I want to have it in my team once I get it to team level, but then again, the nerf shudders are crawling on my back. If it gets a nerf, I hope it’s not harsh and can still be very relevant.

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