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Opinions of: Magnapyritor

Article #13 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a team slot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Tyrant

Starting now, ill be including other features instead of just dinos. Thus, the next creature section will be replaced with “Next Article” instead, to include both dinos and game features.

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My opinion: despite the rather unnecessary nerf it got, it still is genuinely one of the best dinos in the game. Hard counters so many things and is one of the few things to cause Thor, Tryko, and Dioraja trouble. As mentioned earlier, the nerf makes it a lot more prone to getting ratted though


that health nerf really hurt it.
*DI and immunity helps though.


lol,this is going to BE fun


The baby got ROBBED I tell you. ROBBED! Give it it’s health back!


Not gonna lie, looking forward to it, knowing this community does have some pretty strong feelings about them :yum:

well… only one thing about it:

@Ludia_Developers please stop nerfing creatures we spend a lot of time, effort and even money to unlock. is it so hard?

one of the hardest creatures for me to unlock, when i got, it was nerfed. nice!

now is down there, waiting for some more levels to be useful. if ludia doesn’t nerf it more.



I call mine the “Bulldozer”. Its a definite win for anything slower than it which are most tanks, chompers and high healths. Only bane is if the opponent switches to a “rat”.

One of the top tough dinos to unlock and one of the best designed visually imo. And for good reason. Health nerf was not needed at all. Now one of the toughest dinos to level is just basically bait for the easiest tyrant dino to unlock, rat. Doesn’t make sense.

Nobody wanted it nerfed. It is a dino that people like to buy and apply boosts to though, to help it from being ratted. But even after distracting your opponent…basically magna is one small shot away from “swap in a boosted rat”.


not only draco. i tried it in some friendly battles, doesn’t seem so good after that nerf.

its moves are basically predictable: 1.5 distract + 2x dsr.

defeated 1x1 by dilora, erlidom, spyx, yoshi and even its element pyrritator.

but the worst for me is not that 1x1 scenario.

after it beats some thor, dioraja or tryko, it becomes an easy shot from next chicken, wich is now ready to smash your next dino after first move (delayed abilities ready).

and: when we talk about arena, we talk about levels and boosts. magna is very hard to level, so 1x1 is not the case… it can even loose by some slower dinos because they can be way higher levels.

so, @Ludia_Developers make irritator a spawning creature or buff back magna, plz…

Its probably still too good,his only true counter being the rat
Still need a nerf

I call mine Spyro and at L27 (thank you sanctuaries!) 6/6/6 its a mainstay of my team, even with the nerf; great for chomping Dios, Diloraches, Trykos, Thors, Stegods, Tragods and many others. Visually one of the most aesthetically pleasing creatures in the game and its moves are beautiful rendered - love its little shudder and the minimalistic brutality of its base attack.



I love it.
Awesome design.
Great colors.
Great moves.
My go to for all strike towers.
Wish it hadn’t got the HP nerf.


Dinosaur of the Day: Magnapyritor

Lvl24 7/7/7, love it :slight_smile: It’s pretty much always the fastest, except for that one time I ran into a tier 8 Erlidominus.
Most rats eat it for desert though. Sometimes they can even oneshot it, otherwise they just hit me once and finish off with the rat. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderfully designed beast that will remain in my team, no matter how much hp is nerfed off of it.


One of the few dinos I pray hard not to face when I send out my tryko, enuff said :joy:


I love mine, although I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m tired of a certain swap in attack that destroys him after only two turns. It happens nearly every time.

Really needs that extra health back, especially considering he is arguably one of, if not the, hardest dinos to create in this game.


Anything that causes people to throw the rat out in desperation is a good dino.


Nah, Spyx is equally as hard to get, while Geminititian is harder than both to make due to needed an incubator exclusive and an event exclusive.

Not saying Magna is not hard to make. trust me, took me ages to get that bugger unlocked


It is supposed to be good.

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