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Opinions of: Procerathomimus

Article #6 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a team slot? What are your opinions?

Tier: High Apex

Next Creature: Grypolyth

My opinion: Lack of bulk and vulnerability to Rat is probs what holds it back from Tyrant. Definitely worth using if you dont mind either negative traits. Way too op for an epic

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Very powerful and fancy looking critter. I don’t use it unless it’s a tournament with restrictions or flat levels.
So far countered by tanks with anti-distraction and lots of armor.
I fear what hybrid it will get, because if something like this thing gets an armor piercing rampage, it will kill tanks too.

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I would for sure put it on my team, but it might end up like Purutaurus and get a nerf then a hybrid.

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many people dreaming of a yoshi nerf…
well, would be same dream of dracorat or thor? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

anyway… it’s the fastest hybrid in the game, and being gamepress classified as high apex just proves its power for 1.8.

plus, it helps for current matchmaker rules, decreasing team score for being an epic.

rat fear don’t affect me. i’m using it untill we have better options, better matchmaker, or be nerfed.

fear of nerfing doesn’t affect me too… ludia doesn’t always nerf/buff what we ask anyway. creatures are nerfed and buffed every update, what can we do…


I don’t like it really and he is outragouslt powerful.
Not too op,but really good.
The fact he is the faster creature is a good + on him,really good dmg ,the possibility to stack the distrations and the mighty immunity.
The cons,evasive stance became not so good ,almost useless.If you use it,you have to know its oftenly a waste of time .I think its the thing with dracorat which don’t put him on tyrant tier.
Last thing,swap in nullification is good to take but i don’t really understand how to use it?

swap in null i was using rarely before 1.8 evasive nerfs. some situations like null a hurted indominus cloak or indoraptor. now it’s pointless because those effects aren’t 100% anymore. so became an useless ability.

for same reason, yoshi dodge is stil almost useless now. it has low health, and the risk to get 100% or 33% is too higher. i only use when not a single other option anymore left. and pray to work.

better manage its use without those 2 abilities.

Bitter about it since it stole monomimus’ shine and spot.

Every time you fight one, superiority strike until it’s dead.

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All I’m going to say is:
All hail MEGA Becky!

A bit busted for an epic, if I’m completely honest.

It has more health, more attack, and more speed than every other speedy dino in the meta, in addition to being easier to level, having immunity, and having more damage sponging with distraction? Nah. Hoping for a hybrid and a nerf.

And before anyone asks, no I do not use Dracoceratops and I fully support a nerf for DC as well. Not a valid argument.

Why Thor? There’s nothing gamebreaking with it. It’s very easy to counter and the only reason it appears busted is because of boosts and the alliance missions not changing for 6 months.

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because of bilions of topics asking for thor nerf.

not for me. i don’t think thor, draco or yoshi need nerf.

the only 2 things i believe are broken and need to be shift+deleted are boost and current matchmaker.

people ask nerfs and buffs everytime, like they suggest a game with dozens of perfecly equal power creatures… and random deciding who wins.

Sorry to necropost here… but I just need to let off some steam… inhales

Oh my god, I dispise this thing more than ANY OTHER CREATURE IN THE GAME! Why is it so op? It’s so easy to get! A tyrant this easy to get is so stupid. It’s been spoiled like mad and rn, it’s more broken then 1.4 monomimus! I’m surprised they haven’t given a well deserved nerf to this stupid thing yet! I just want my thoradolosaur to bite this things stupid head off! And watch it bleed out and die. Oh wait this things immune… Arghhhhhhh!!! LUDIA, NERF THIS THING! And yes, I am jealous as a monomimus fan myself, who has always stuck with this thing, even when it’s sucked, to show it wasn’t that bad and how I could win with it. Monomimus still remains on my team and I love him.


I suggest a full swap of these two. If anything, monominimus should be the more op one.


Yea, it’s a legendary! And is much cooler then ugly procera

“silently eats popcorn”

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Sips mtn dew loudly

100% agree, procerath needs a nerf ASAP, there is no reason for that thing to get a extra 750 hp buff, and yet monomimus was nerfed so bad in the past updates and now it’s back as a star, though I still think monomimus needs a speed buff tbh, procerath on the other hand needs a nerf, so, please, nerf the green chicken.

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I 100% agree that Yoshi is a massively op Dino, undeserving of its Apex Tyrant standing.

Problem is I said the same when the rat was introduced and nothing was ever done with that, so I won’t be holding my breath with this one.

No one saw the massive health boost it got with 1.9 coming, literally no one. An absolutely ridiculous decision, no logic, no reason, no justification and now they are running riot with rats adding absolutely nothing but frustration and anger amongst the players.


Love her :+1: