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Opinions of: Pterovexus

Article #42 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a teamslot? What are your opinions?

Tier: High Apex

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My opinion: found it very underwhelming at the start, like virtually every other bird. The buffs they gave it in 1.9 was enough to kick it all the way up to high apex, which for me, was the biggest surprise in the tier list (the fact we have a endgame viable bird now), given the reputation the birds usually get from Ludia. Going to try it in friendlies again, and if it does well, it’s going on my team once the boost rework occurs and get it to team (level 22-23 for me)

Looks cool and my favorite unique pterosaur. Hope it and Daryx get buffed in 1.10 or something

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I really love having Pterovexus on my team. I like her movesets, speed, and immunity. There have been many times where that immunity made a huge difference in some of the strike towers that I was doing. I have not regretted creating it and leveling it up. :blush:

I want to level it higher, but I am currently stuck on the Darwinopterus DNA. I hope the flyers get another event soon. I need that DNA very badly (in addition to the turtle). All of the creatures I have left to create require turtle DNA or flyer DNA.

I like vexus, don’t get me wrong.
But seeing it get buffed and Stgydaryx not makes me feel quite bitter towards it. I can’t seem to enjoy its coolness and beauty without getting jealous for Stgydaryx. :expressionless:


So…buff Stgydaryx please


But to answer your question, it seems a powerful creature. Can have a deadly effect on the battle and seems quite versatile

I was about to write something about Stygidarix in my last post. :sweat_smile: I am very impressed with her too. I got to use her on a strike tower a while back for the first time and was amazed by how well she did.

Stgydaryx or Vexus?

Because Stgydaryx is great but not on par with the rest of the uniques

Stygidarix. :slightly_smiling_face: I used her on a epic strike a while back thanks to a suggestion on the game play forum and she did great.

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Yeah. She is good and fun to use. But still in need of a buff

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I have, well… mixed feelings on pterovexus. One part of me loves it’s design, name and it’s new and improved stats. But the other side of me is saying “it should of been stygidaryx” and “great now I can’t get my monomimus past lvl 20”. I also wish monomimus was fused with ornithomimus, but that’s a story for another day. I used to hate this thing when it was useless, but now I’m fond of it. I still will go for stygidaryx first because Im closer to it. But once I’m done (it’s my mission To make Daryx before January) then I’ll go for pterovexus.

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I haven’t used mine yet because it’s level is too low. I sort of don’t like it because when it came out they nerfed monomimus and I had taken mine to 22 so because of Vex I have wasted monomimus dna.