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Opinions of: Sanctuaries

Article #23 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of them? Are they a good feature in the game? What are your thoughts?

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They are a great resource for gathering dna of elusive dinos, whether it be event, or different locals. The gains could be a bit better, but they are fine as they stand. Cezonic creatures are being added soon, so that’s a plus.

They’re great, as unlike asking for donations, no one loses DNA, everyone gains. I wonder if one day Ludia will offer ways to improve sanctuary DNA gains other than leveling it up or leveling+boosting critters. Such as adding decor to increase DNA yield of a chosen species.

That’s an interesting idea. Would require more coordination with the alliance to only place those types of creatures in that specific sanctuary.

They are already coordinating pretty well in some alliances, since some seem to have an all-erliko and all-irritator sanctuary. Also, why did the forum flag your text? Nothing seems to break the rules there.

And now it’s not. Weird. And you are right. I was going off personal experience.We don’t have specific sanctuaries for dinos, but you can always find at least 2-3 of what you’re looking for over all of them. It sucks having to go back into each one, but hopefully that gets fixed in 1.9

Easily the best addition in 1.8. So helpful.

They get a bad rep because people don’t know how to use them though. FIP a dino once every 3 hours guys. You can get nearly 200 rare dna or 50 epic dna a day using that method.



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How many DNA per feed/interact/play are you getting to use that as the example number and what level are your sanctuaries? My alliance only ever tops out at level 7 ones and it’s frustrating. 12 rare DNA and 4 epic DNA makes for an arduous grind. I literally see no reason to use epics if I have to cycle though 5 feed/interact/play when that’s more than a maxed out resource collection run in a day for me.

Sanctuaries are great. I used them to get from only having 100 diplo dna at level 18, to creating Gemini just before diplo became the daily dino.

Best thing about the game right now.

If you are looking at fusing legendary dinos they are very good. I can get a fuse on Spinonyx are Pyritator each day thanks to them.

For unique stuff they are more like top up shops, say you have 450 Draco DNA

While I think they could be improved a little, I love them. I have three hybrids that I don’t think I would have gotten without them, and one of those is my Erlidominus.

I wish it was easier to coordinate which dinos my alliance put in which sanctuary, since having to swap from one sanc to another is kind of inconvenient. A big QoL fix for them would be returning to your alliance’s sanctuary page when you exit instead of reverting all the way back to the map. Make that FIP grind a little easier.

Other major improvements would be the number of modules you can hold, and how many you can get a day. It makes no difference if you can gather DNA every three hours if you don’t have enough resources. That might negate the need to increase DNA yields.

I would love to be able to stockpile my interacts. There are times when I forget to do sanctuary stuff or there isn’t anything i really need out of it. If I’m full on interacts, its a waste when I spin the drops only to be awarded more than I can hold.

Exactly. Those things are worth their weight in dino gold, losing some because my inventory happens to be maxed is painful.

I am level 20 and only interact with Epic, these are my numbers for a round of interactions: Feed, Interact, Play. I also receive 5 DNA each in 2 days when they return.

Sanctuary Level 1 to 5 for a level 15 Epic:
4/2/3 each interaction.
Total 9, for 3 per day 27 DNA
Interacting with 2 Epic each time doubles DNA to 54 per day.
2 day total is 108 DNA

Sanctuary Level 6+ for a level 15 Epic:
4/2/4 each interaction.
Total 10, for 3 per day 30 DNA.
Interacting with 2 each time is 60 DNA/day.
2 day total is 120 DNA.

We receive 2 Interaction items with each 6-hour incubator, for 6 per day. Unless you open a fourth one, then you would get 8 per day. The ones from drops (feed/Play) we get 6 of each per day. I go to Sanctuary every 6 hours, as soon as I open the ‘free’ incubator, and interact with 2 creatures. So, 3 times per day I interact with a sanctuary and interact with 2 creatures each time.

This is how I manage them:

My game resets after I have gone to bed. I will start to collect the interaction items from drops in the morning. When I go to bed I have 8 Food, 6 interaction and 8 Play in inventory. 8/6/8.

I wake up and collect the 6-hour incubator. I now have 8/8/8. I interact with two creatures leaving me with 6/6/6 in inventory. I go out and spin drops. Within 6 hours I will have 12/6/12.

When I open a second 6-hour I have 12/8/12. Go to sanctuary and interact with two creatures. Inventory has 10/6/10. 6 hours later, right before bed, I open the third 6-hour of the day so I now have 10/8/10. Interacting with 2 creatures in sanctuary leaves me with 8/6/8.

Repeat the next day.

You can adjust depending on when your cycle resets, it might be in the middle of the day. I only have to make sure I have enough room for 6 of each drop available item when it resets and 2 of the 6-hour incubator items before opening it. If I use 2 interaction items right after opening the free incubator, I will always have room for them, even if I forget to check before opening it. And, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, so always having room prevents me from opening it when I already have 8 in there. I figure if I have time to open the game and retrieve the 6-hour incubator, I have time to go to Sanctuary and interact with 2 creatures.

If, for whatever reason, there is nothing you actually want DNA for when you visit, just interact with the two that will give the sanctuary the most SP and help your alliance out. Might as well use them rather than lose them.

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This is why sanctuaries are so awesome! These are screenshots from my alliance a while back. DNA farming efficiency at its finest!

EDIT: Oops, turns out that I never posted in this thread, so nothing actually disappeared.


Our level 19 sanctuary gives 12 or 13 dna per set of FIT on epics. That 72-78 per day (plus a few more if I use all my interacts). Numbers don’t really change at level 20.

So if use them all, I get about 80 epic dna per day. I’m very happy with that.

Sanctuaries are boring and not rewarding enough for someone to level up and boost dinos to add in there.

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i love it alot!