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Opinions of: Smilocephalosaurus

Article #8 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a team slot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Mid Apex

Next Creature: Indominus Rex

My opinion: worth a team slot if you want a potential hard counter to the rat. Having two rampages with one of them being precise pounce isnt bad, and 127 speed is pretty good. As stated earlier, it can obliterate rat assuming it can do enough damage with the pounce to one shot it, and can even prevent its rampage if the 66% stun swap in works. Struggles against a lot of top tiers though, which is the reason why i might toss it, and it has superhybrid potential as well

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Opinion: for an armadillo cat, the Swap in stun is great, plus 2 rampage attacks are even greater, the only thing is that I never see people using deliberate prowl

I use it whenever I fight someone who is trying to distract me. But it is hard to find that right moment, but it’s so good when you can use it to your advantage. However, I’d use it a lot more if it weren’t for this blasted glitch with the Deliberate Prowl. It doesn’t cleanse everything, so now I’m stuck with bleeding out when I shouldn’t be. It does make my decisions a bit harder, but hey, I still use it.

I’m just sad that I can’t level her up past 17. I ran out of Smilodon DNA, and I haven’t seen one in the wild since its first week event. Sooooo yeah, that’s the only thing holding me back right now.

Had a go with it but in the boost era not possible :sob:

Seems to have a decent though, would be a lot better if prowl actually cleansed though to allow for rampage and run to actually run!!!

I got mine to level 20 Incase it makes a hybrid. Never used it. It’s super ugly looking.

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I use it currently, I love it, helps out a lot. It would be better though if they actually fixed the Deliberate Prowl like everyone says.

Its more of a prediction based move. I spammed it three tomes to make a tryko waste all its instant moves, then went for precise pounce/rampage and run

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I get the cleanse issue, but for the rampage and run, you sure you arent just bound still when you use it? It wont let you swap or run if youre locked in from the swap in move

Because cleanse also cleanse the lock from swap-in moves.

I do realize about being bound. The way I imagine it’s meant to be played successfully is:

Swap in stun
Precise Pounce
Prowl (to cleanse bound)

On topic - it’s my main fast- attack creature that can rivals utahsino and still won’t get 1 shot by Ray. It also can 1 shot Rat unless they have super boosted their health. I only swap it in when I don’t have better options because I don’t want to take the risk with the stun %. Overall a very good creature for my team.

not very good. design is overhated.

Easily the most fugly creature in the game

Ludia’s test dino to start mixing cenzoic hybrids. Very stupid idea to use a classic jp2 dino as a tester. Pachy is also cute and they turned it into this abomination. Where you can’t even really tell Pachy was in this dino. I didn’t create it, instead made Pachy lvl 20. In hope’s for something else.

One of the reasons I removed vip. Disregard to the old franchise and classic dino turned cenzoic.


I use mine on my level 19 - 21 ‘b’ team around 42XX - 44XX trophies. Its a fairly reliable killer and I find it makes a good pairing with Stygidaryx. Lovely swap out bleed into a (hopeful) stun followed by a pounce :smiley: As others have said it is a good counter to the rat, very satisfying when the stun lands and stops the swap in rampage!

Are you upset the pachy hybrid makes a unique now and you’ve leveled pachy to 20 or are you satisfied with your pachy?

For the record I agree with you. The pachy hybrid looks stupid and so does the unique from what I can tell.

I am fine with it. I don’t really want smilonemys either. I don’t want to use my pachy and turtle for a kitty. It’s crazy how two of my favorite creatures were used in a unique that I don’t really have interest in. I do feel maybe they heard me out. First of all to add Carbonemys, and that I did not like Smiloceph. So meet the Carbotoceratops the alternate carbonemys hybrid.

Honestly I’d be upset if carbonemys only went into smilonemys. But with the alternate hybrid I’m pleased enough. And I think it will lead to a turtle unique eventually that I will love. Especially because nasuto is exclusive.

So… basically I don’t choose my team just to win matches, because I know smilonemys will be good. I choose my team from creatures I like and if they’re decent enough. My goal is to have fun not be a top 10 battle player lol.

I found another turtle today and it got carbotops to lvl 17. So you can see I’ve already strayed away from smilonemys and meta followings. I would be the player with a lvl 30 carbonemys and carbotops lol. And hopefully we get a real unique turtle that I can pump up too.


Nice congrats! I haven’t unlocked it yet. I’m close to getting my turtle to 15 and I have the nasutoceratops at 15 now. I think I may go for the unique first though. I just want to collect them all and the 2 turtle hybrids are my last 2 to get. I’m like you though I don’t care to be a top player. I like using what I enjoy.

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I’m the opposite of you guys, I like using the creatures I have so I want Smilonemys because I enjoyed using Smiloceph. I can agree that they did get weird by fusing a dino with a cat then a turtle, but I like the end result.