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Opinions of: Stat Boosts 2.0

Article #39 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it a positive change for the game? What are your opinions?

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My opinion: this is something we’ve been wanting for so long. Every tier gets nerfed, we’re encouraged to level stuff up to apply more boosts, we get to manually get 50% of our boosts back, and we have to carefully apply boosts, as our choices will affect the other 2 tiers

On paper the best game change we could have ever asked in my opinion


Is this a new Ludia we’re seeing? None of us thought this change would ever happen


I know right. THey muck up the tourney. Refund us 80 hard cash and then work to get it back up again. THey listen to the community and are changing boosts. THey changed matchmaking, they started to communicate more. Wow, I’m really liking this


Think about this for a moment: Thoradolosaur is infamous for being overboosted in speed and damage. With this new change, if you want that overboosted thor, it will have to give up firepower, and if it wants to boost hp and attack, it will sacrifice speed. Overall, while lets face it; Rat and Utahsino are still going to be around, i think thor got obliterated by this new system. We may start seeing tanks like Stegod and Tragod again, since thor’s presence prevented them from being viable :blush:


I like how they’re doing this. It will be a bit of a learning curve for sure. Stat increase won’t be the same for the same boost levels. This will also give variety to creatures on different teams. We can synergize our teams better to work how we wish to play the team. at the cost of half of what was put in, we can tweak our teams when new abilites, nerfs, or buffs happen. overall, this will be better for the health of the game.

Looking forward to it. Never did care for the Superbeast system.

To add to this list… the announced a nerf before a vast majority of player even unlocked a dino. And deployed a hotfix just for that dino.

You can argue the merits of the nerf all day… but the communication and the hotfix is something different for Ludia… in the past they would have said nothing. And the nerf would have went live next patch after coins and boosts would have been spent. That to me is along with this new stat boost is a welcome change.


Overall, I love the changes and we all know this was necessary for the quality of the game. But there is one single aspect of the new system that concerns me. The fact that you can no longer max out all the stats of a dino(I’m not talking about the level ceiling, I find the level ceiling very positive) will favor dinos that only need 2 of the stats to perform well, the slow, tanky dinos, but will significantly nerf dinos that are glass cannons and need all 3 of the stats boosted to be able to compete. Of course, you can refund half the boosts if you don’t like a build, but I don’t see those dinos doing well no matter what build you give them. My main worry is that we’ll probably have to bench the speedsters that we love and worked so hard on. A simple solution could be to allow boost alocation of 20-20-20 once a dino reaches level 30.

I am still worried about how they worded the Distribution part. Until they clarify that, all I can understand out of it is that they will limit our ability to apply boosts per week. They mention that this limit is regardless if it’s for tier 1 or tier 10. Unless they somehow mean a tier 10 can be gathered in 1 week, this is worrying.

We do not know the amount of boosts per tier, I will use 25 as an example. It could be 30 or 50 or 100, we do not know.

To get from 0 to tier 1 is 25 boosts. To get from tier 9 to 10 is 25 boosts. To get from 18 to 19 is 25 boosts. Each tier costs the same, regardless of tier.

My understanding of their limiting the distribution is:

You can apply all boosts you currently have in stock. No restrictions. If you have 2000 boosts in stock, you can apply them all at once.

The limited distribution is how many you can accumulate in-game in a week. Currently there are two sales, a strike tower and a few in the daily DBI. This would limit the amount a user could apply in a week.

For our example of 25 boosts per tier: If a user does the strike tower, they get 25 boosts. This would be sufficient to boost one creature one tier. If the user battles for a daily DBI they receive 1, 2, 3, or 4 boosts per DBI. Over a week someone who received 4 in each would accumulate enough to boost one creature one tier.

If someone purchases boosts they would be able to boost another tier of a creature, or several depending on how many they purchased. I believe they will keep the same mechanics of boosts. Meaning we will have Health, Speed and attack. This will also restrict what can be leveled in any given week.

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Well truly,this is the biggest change the whole community asked for
(even if some just ask them to be removed)
But in the same time ,im exited because it will be truly interesting and more fair than the previous method
and in the same time im afraid,because i think it will mean you will need more boosts to reach the roof

I finally got to read the changes. I would have rather seen Speed boosts cap lower at around 10% to 15%. 2.0 will be about 2.5x that (~23.5% to close to 40%). But we’ll see once it’s implemented. Maybe with the limit on the boosts that can be applied and the lowered impact of the boosts, the speed boost may not be too much of a problem.

There is now a trade off for pushing to high into speed though and thats its gonna cost you health and attack and those both scale better then speed.

Add in the sauropods who dont care if your faster and it devalues speed a tad.

Right now you just make everything faster because it only benefits you. In the future we will be weighing speed against health and damage.

I am afraid that this new version will not be much better than the previous one. The new scale will make the game lose its fluidity and readability during the fights. We will have the same aberrations as today despite the distribution limits. The impact of the boosts is still far too high and contrary to what Ludia suggests, it will not really encourage people to go hunting more. Giving the opportunity to “buy back” your boosts at half price is a step forward but it is still a commercial scam. To be accurate each update should be accompanied by a reset of the boosts in order to promote the emergence of new creatures and not to handicap players whose team has suffered a lot of nerves.

The current arena has been saddening me for a long time, I don’t take any more pleasure and I don’t yet know how I can still be in the top 250. The boosts stats were the real extinction of the game, I stopped my vip since then like many others because the exploration is derisory compared to the gain of a boost. Since the introduction of boosts stats, half of the players in our alliance have stopped and I think I see that it is depopulating in many alliances too… In short, Ludia persists and signs in what is bad. The worst is that behind this pseudo consultation of the players is hidden nothing other than a choice probably already made and stopped: prepare yourself to suffer from new imbalances, bugs resulting from the tremendous work of the test team.

In summary my advice of stats boost 2 could be find in JP2 :

Ludia : “Don’t worry, I’m not making the same mistakes again.”
Players : " No, you’re making all new ones."

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