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Opinions of: Stygidaryx

Article #25 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a teamslot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Low Apex

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My opinion: Very cool design choice, and wish this thing was worth the effort to make. Feels very awkward to use, but Cleanse and Swoop is such a good move though


I currently use it, it’s very niche, but if I can pull off Lethal Swoop while I’m locked from swapping out, I can combine it with Cleanse and Swoop and rack up the DoT pretty quickly.

I recently fought one and beat me, I’m impressed


Very fun to play around with in friendlies. Surprisingly good.

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Cool looking, interesting niche and moveset. If they gave it more survivability it would be a top tier for sure

Unlocked it last week haven’t used it yet.

It can be surprisingly good in the right circumstances, pulling off a double bleed is lethal.

My favourite creature in the game and a super fun one to use as well. The bleed can be super useful at times and this creature always surprises me when it wins me a battle, which has happened A LOT

This is my super Stgydaryx

It’s an interesting creature

I like it a lot but super hard countered by immune creature…

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I feel like if it got one more higher damaging move, it would be better.


Has fought a couple, but one that caught my attention was i think lvl 25, or thereabout. And boosted health and speed, but the speed was pretty high, causing me to do a double take, as it was out speeding even my speedster dinos like dilorac rinex etc, allowing it to make the first move everytime after cleansing swoop, I lost that match, but it was a memorable battle.