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Opinions of: Suchotator

Article #11 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a team slot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Mid Apex

Next Creature: Tyrannosaurus Rex

My opinion: extremely easy to level, especially to those who literally live in L4 with all the Suchomimus and Irritator gen 2 around. Very versatile and has it’s uses. Eventually got replaced with Spinotasuchus, who later got replaced by Erlikospyx. Had a good run though :slight_smile:


Suchotator is a good creature from beginning all the way up to top 500. Once you hit top 500 level, you will want to replace it.

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Sucho was one of my first hybrids and I loved it! I know some top 100 players that still use it as it’s got a really good kit. Nullify, bleed, distract, and hefty HP at that. It needs it’s attack buffed a bit to be end game viable, but still a really good option on a team. Still waiting on the hybrid for it though.

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One of the best utility dino, a must-have for rare-dino tournaments.

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It’s bulky and can survive longer while the opponent’s bleeding, usually forcing the opponent to switch out since instant distraction keeps Sucho alive. However, I prefer Spinonyx because it can give Indominus Rex some trouble with two anti-cloak rampages and is much faster than Sucho. For some reason, many players who use Suchotator tend to turn it into a potato somehow when immunes step up:


I never had one on my main team (by the time SS had the cleansing removed, I already had a team I wanted to use). However, I do use him in tournaments when I can.

Really useful dino, especially helpful thanks to the high HP.

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Currently highest level Dino on my team at 25. Love it to bits, but like others say usefulness and staying power reduces with time in arena.

Still a good Thor and Tryko counter, along with general tank counter. Once had someone swap Thor immediately after seeing Sucho

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Before 1.7 matchmaking I had her on my team for several months, boosted to 5-5-3. She even carried me to top 300-500 back then! She was great for those level 30 strikes with high HP creatures, and before I leveled my Thor and Tryostronix enough I used Suchotator and Spinotasuchus for all of those.

She was also great for taking out Indom and Indoraptor, thanks to nullifying. No, I didn’t make the mistake of attempting to bleed immunes! :rofl:


Tator was my first L30 creature (and is still my only one, although Dilorach, Stegod and Draco are all ready to go there); it was a mainstay of my team for many, many months until the matchmaking changed and putting an L30 on the team became a kiss of death. That said I think it is great at higher than team level - not 100% sure it would cut it still with the rest of the team caught up. A must have in rare tournaments. Overdue a hybrid - which could be awesome.

I miss the old girl … :cry:

We have similar stocks of ingredients ready for the hybrid :slight_smile:

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i had to drop it.
easy to level, but its so slow and low damage that was a sacrifice dino anyway.

it makes a dino bleed, ok. but then it gets hurt by that dino, and the result started to be predictable: if it survives until dino dies, the next opponent’s dino is for sure faster. and sucho is then used as a preparation move (example: erlidominis speedup or thor enable 2x rampage etc). sucho high hp and survive until bleed doesn’t help if can’t do anything next.

then i dropped and have better results. i’m now unlocking erlikospyx. i believe every bleeder is a sacrifice dino anyway, but maybe a fast one with high damage can be better… let me see…

I see erlikospyx moreso as a fast, frail, support dino since it does so much stuff.

I see it this way probably because it’s level 21 still and i cant find any dna for it :sweat_smile:

yep, bleeders are all sacrifices.
being very slow speed (as sucho) or very low hp (as spinotasuchus or spyx).

Spyx isnt really a sacrifice per-se. Its able to do more than just bleed, and has high damage, as well as that deliberate distraction, which immensely helps it out. From my time using it, its able to stop super-thors in their tracks

It’s been on my team the longest of anything, and has proven it’s worth to me. The bulk and kit are amazing for what I want out of it, and it only really struggles with immunes.

I still used it when it had its original kit also lol if any one remembers that. So odd that it had immune before

Suchotator is one of my favorites. So versatile and a very valued member of my strike tower team. One of the best decisions I made was leveling her up. :blush: My only regret about Suchotator is not realizing her true value in the beginning.