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Opinions of the 1.11 tier list

Gamepress has released it, as we all know, and there are some pretty surprising changes. Id like to hear thoughts on what you think of the tier list

Since it’s a list based solely on the dinos without stat boosts, swap ins and so on, I have no opinion at all. With boosts having been sold every day for over three weeks now, it’s irrelevant really.

I certainly wouldn’t put the Thor that wiped my team out 3-0 as mid apex as it had 145 speed and over 2,500 base damage!

That’s the reality facing us in high Aviary and lower library.


It seems accurate to me.
Procera raises a red flag as nerf bait, otherwise I’d run it.
Tenrex… just seems to work for me so I won’t be replacing it with any Tyrants. (I’ve run into a lot of Gryphos lately)
Once Thor exceeds its usefulness I will retire it to strike tower duty and replace it with Orion. (Orion just isn’t boosted enough yet)

The legendary tyrants are so far behind I’m only working on Indo G2 for now, but Mammotheium rocks friendly battles. Not familiar enough for Phorus bird to judge it one way or another. Think i’ve seen it twice.

It isn’t irrelevant. It’s definitely not as relevant as pre-boosts, but its still a good guide of what will be worth investing boosts and levels in.
As the game progresses and everything becomes more and more boosted, it’ll become nearly as relevant as pre-boosts.

That said, when you take into consideration probable nerfs and moveset changes, as well as future hybrids, it does become less reliable long-term, but it’s basically as good a guide to a game like this as is possible right now.


My thoughts:

Tyrant looks pretty accurate. Surprised to see Grypolyth move up to Tyrant (could anyone explain that?), but totally understand Mammotherium and Phorusaura going up there. Those two ive heard are terrors.

Procerathomimus is way too good for how easy it is to make. I agree with everyone else that it does need nerfed. Same goes for Indoraptor Gen 2; it is still dominating everything around it. At this point, ive just called it the best dino in the game. I get why it’s so strong because of requiring Blue, but thats besides the point.

Happy to see Pterovexus still high apex. Very underrated creature, and has been quite a big help on my team.

Stinks to see Monolorhino so low, though i dont have it, so idk its stats or moves lol

Thoradolosaur and Dracoceratops just dont cut it anymore, especially Thor. A few patches ago, i made a list of all the uniques and tiered then, and i put thor as bottom three. This tier list and the Thor article that came after further prove my point

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The list accounts for swap ins too actually, as of recently.

Yup. That’s how Dracoceratops became a Tyrant, after all.

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I’m trying to understand Magna. I love it. I finally have mine to team level. But who does he beat on that list heads up unless it’s boosted or higher level in some way? How do yall use it? Should I spend the boosts on it?

Magna is my fastest Dino right now, as a result, she became my all star. As long as she’s faster than her opponent, she’s gonna win!

Magna beats tryko , thora , and all dinos who can’t cleanse the distraction and Frequently beats Procera and indo gen 1 and 2 if it’s faster than then because he can annulate the evasion.

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Im mostly not surprise by the list…

-Spyx shut to high apex because “bleed” effect is useless against all the 12 tyrants (except tryko which have nothing to cleanse or to swap) and his damage and health are bellow erlidominus
-Grypo surprised me but i think he is the lowest of the 12,some people consider it as trash but truly…he can lock up an opponent which he will play with him to death if 1 vs 1 is goodn(IF HE IS NOT IMMUNE),have decent armor,good hp pool and can regenerate himself so…
A kind of better carnotarkus for me
-Just by looking at the stats of mammotherium,it was definitly a tyrant…
But i spend my bets he will be nerf in 1.13
Not in 1.12 because the game dev don’t see how good he is actually,i bet phorusaura will be in the same case
-Indo G2 will probably get a cautious strike nerf in 1.12,i just expect him to get another buff to keep it good
-Procera…mine is lvl 30,carry my team actually but i bet he will get nerf beyond the ground in 1.12,so if you are smart enough:abuse it as DC in the past,because it wont last long
-Thor in mid apex…ok,lets talk about him.
In 1 vs 1 if thor is not set up,he is not that good…almost bad
but if he start when his opponent is lower and have decents stats,he is good as tyrant
-DC in mid apex not surprised me but well boosted in speed,he is really dangerous
-Baja in mid apex aswell…there is too many immune actually so vulnerability can be useful
-monolorhino in low apex…i don’t know what to say…ludia did know they wanted him to be trash,but it clearly need a buff…for me,he is harder to create than thor ,erlidom or others uniques…wooly rhino is one of the hardest epic to dart
-erlikogamma in low apex aswell,he have good skills but terribles stats,he can’t survive a superiority strike,a terrible version of spyx
-scaphotator in low apex aswell…a terrible version of pterovexus

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Thor should have been either Tyrant or High Apex not Mid Apex. Giving it Mid Apex is a disservice to a very viable dinosaur.

Mexi should have been put in Mid Apex because it does not deserve to be a Tyrant. But I guess time will only tell when it does get a nerfing.

Rat should have been put a lot lower into Low Apex or even Alpha because now that it is finally knocked down a few pegs, it is not really a vexing issue in the arena.

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Thor is no longer the beast it was:
read this,and i think they are true:

About dc…he is still good you know?
He have plenty of cards to play with which can be accomodate by boosts…
Want him to tank few hits ,playing a swap in and out mostly?boosts HP
Want him to Wreck the lows tyrants or high apex?boost speed,and he have minimal speed up strike so he can be faster
Want him to destroy a 2/3 hp ardentis?boost damage ( only a few are necessary,otherwise,he won’t do anything)
His damage are insane,i think you forget that

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I’m just confused with grypo honestly taking a look at ll the tyrants it loses to almost 3/4 of them

It really only beats maxima, Gemini, phora and maybe erlidom but everything else kind beats it easily I feel it should have stayed in high apex

Magana is a beast and should not be underestimated

Idk I think mid-high I think is around the point I put him in as well without boosts… um… he kinda sucks… a lot…the thing that carries Thor is the crit and instant charge

List looks good and as accurate as it could be.
Thor sucks - draco is finelly balanced and procera indo2 domaniting the tyrants and other dinos at their rarity.

But still, with boost sells on a daily base (day 20?) The arena will stay a huge mess.
Sure thor is bad, but here we are in a full boosted thor meta.

As long as boosts are p2w the arena will stay unpredictable. Nothing will change, players wont change. Even if Indo2 Procerato Thor (not nessesary) getting nerfed. The next full boosted Godmode hybrid will start raising and dominate thr arena.

Tl:dr good list but far away from what we see everyday

Don’t bother …Anything need boost to be viable
Even gemini ,ardentis and indoG2 which are overpower need boost to stay competitive


So sad… and so right

I asked myself the question and honestly,he is not that bad
You think he is bad because he don’t have anything special or immunities…
-But the fact is,if he face anything without armor piercing or defense shattering,he can be tank
-If he face anything without immunity and with a favorable matchmaking,he can choose his 1 vs 1 pray
-You don’t have 100 choice on boost for him,speed is useless,you want him to shoot the last,his damage use 75% rending and he have a good hp pool with regeneration so you can put 20 point in hp
-Regeneration can cleanse every bad effect such as distraction,bleed and some others
if you want my advise,he will be completly worth it when ludia will deal with “immunity”

-he wreck ardentis and his huge hp
-erlidom will have an hard matchup
-gemini is pointless against him as ardentis
-phorusaura will find a worthy opponent
-smilo will be traped
-tryko will suffer from another mind game opponent