Opinions of: Thoradolosaur

Back to back post on the “Opinions of:” series, cuz why not :wink:

Article #16 on the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a team slot? What are your opinions?

Tier: Tyrant

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My opinion: very strong, but very counterable before boosts, now a God with boosts. Overboosted ones can steamroll entire teams. Small buffs between patches was a stupid move, but the crit nerf toned it down a bit


I just unlocked mine 2 weeks ago. I’m currently not boosting it until I see what the next update is like. Unboosted: it does decent damage, but as Ketchup said it is very counterable. I currently use it to soak a big hit I know is coming, trying to save a more utility based dino instead. Facing booted ones: overbootsed is god like, but there are some counters that can manage it. A procerathomimus does a good job, even tho it can fall victim to DC.


I liked It since It came out. Many people may disagree, bit I really think it’s a balanced creature whose chomper function is necessary in the meta. Unless It is severely overleveled, it’s easily counterable, but If you don’t have a counter available just pray for your soul.


Design wise, it is godly! I don’t know if it’s my phone, but Thor has an air of elegance to it that Allosino does not. But we all know how amazing Ludia’s design team is.

Pvp wise, well my first post should give you some insight on what I think about it. Haha. But seriously though, give it a move overhaul and let it keep its stats. That should fix the op Thor problem. I hope


Oh and fix boosts too

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I can manage mildly boosted ones,

but those that deal nearly 2K BASIC damage at level 21 and have 127+ speed can outrun most of my team except 2: Kaprosuchus and Erlidominus. Kapro would at best take off 1/3rd of those Thors’ HP, and Erlidominus needs luck to survive 2 hits cloaked unless I sent Kapro first to make Erli’s work easier.
I guess those who have Thor have it way easier against armored stuff. I rely on bleeders/spiky cow to deal with those.
I like its design though and I think it deserves its spot in the meta, even if I won’t be using him.

Dinosaur of the Day: Thoradolosaur

It’s a valued member of my Anti-Rat Team. Can often one-shot full-health rats, and of course the Instant Charge comes in handy against faster dinos and for stunning. Mine is only boosted 5-5-5 because I try to keep my entire team as evenly boosted as possible.


I love Thor but it is a big problem combined with the rat. Delet the rat.


Need new moveset, this is far to op with the boost system.
Definite strike
Armor piercing impact
Defense shattering impact
Instant charge
Crit can stay at 40%

Thor is fairly nicely balanced in the meta. Send out the wrong team and it can power thru, but that should be the case for any tyrant tier.

The issue, as ever, is overpowering with boosts.

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Thor is awesome. Definitely my go to with strike towers

Thor biggest problem are boosts he can turn into a freeking 1 shot machine and thats not fun at all when you lose 3 dinos without even had a turn,rat is another problem when combo with him
What i would change on thor iff needed was drop crit chance to 30% or get ride of instant stun strike its way too broken combined with speed boosts

I despise Thor it’s worse than Dracoceratops. I see everyone complain about dracoceratops but Thor is the big problem in arena.

Thor can kill my whole team and I MIGHT get 1 move in.

You can be winning a whole match 2-0 then they bring out Thor and next thing you know you’ve lost.

Thor with OP speed boost and more is just a big problem. It’s a cheap win and no better than Dracoceratops.

I refuse to use Thor despite it being a great chomper. I do not want to be part of the problem.

The problem is Ludia gave us sinoceratops in alliance missions for like 6 months and then they released Boost. The result was insanely overboosted high level Thor.


Pretty much all of this.

Never liked it pre boost, totally hate it now.

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I love chompers. Always have. Before Thor was a thing I used to run an overleveled Allosaurus. I maxed it out and used it until boosts and stronger opponents caused me to have to replace her with Tenontorex.

I don’t think Thor would be so hated if boosts didn’t exist. I still love my Thor though, sorry. I did a lot of grinding to get him to 30 and it’s very satisfying to one-shot a full-health, boosted DracoceRAT-OPs.


Instant stun should go its too overpowered.

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NO nerfs! Buff counters instead. My Thor is slower than most of the ones I face in the arena, so Instant Charge is often my only hope of surviving. Same goes for all the other speedy boosted dinos I fight against. IC can help prevent being bled by Erlikospyx too, if the stun works of course.


It wasnt even a problem before boosts came along