Opinions of: Thoradolosaur

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One tyrant against another

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Nah it’s fine, without it Thor is just a weaker Rex. No one in their right mind would use Thor if it didn’t have it.

For me a boosted Thor is one of the reasons you need the rat.
I’m happy to bring in Thor when someone uses the rat early against me. At the same time after a boosted Thor has one shorted me but I had speed to strike first, I am happy to throw in the rat to get rid of Thor before I face the rampage.

I’ve put it in another post but for me you can’t think of Dinos in isolation (I am sure Ludia don’t) you have to think about the overall ecosystem that they are within as increasing/decreasing one particular Dino has knock on effect on others in the battle arena.

My Level 25 6/6/6 Thor pretty much wipes every strike tower.

Boosts. :roll_eyes:

Stupid, stupid thing…

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I have a decent moveset for Thor:
Rending Attack
Ferocious Impact
Definite Rampage
Instant Charge

How’s this?


That would be op asf.

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Do you want this game to be nor broken than it is :joy::rofl:

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And give it three hundred thousand attack and health plus 133 base speed and full immunity, plus a 100% crit chance.
This is why players don’t balance things. Your Thor ‘balance’ would make it the most stupidly ridiculously overpowered dino EVER. It’s T2 damage would surpass 8 THOUSAND and ~10k with a crit. Of course all of this will be damn near unmitigatable as dodge, shield and armor wouldn’t work against this abomination. Due to its low speed, it would be impossible to get both null and distract off against it, meaning that no matter what, you eat a HUGE rampage T2. You can’t stun it because if you do it’s Rampage, IC, back to FI. So congrats, you just made the most busted Dino ever to be suggested, in the name of balancing.

I like mine… I don’t like anybody else’s.

TBH though, mine is heavily boosted to help with the Epic Strike Towers. You won’t see it on my PvP team though as all of my PvP team dinosaurs are unboosted.

I don’t even use Thor but there is no problem with liking your Thor. And it needs to be boosted right. Or else the higher you get the more troubles will arise.

My barely boosted team can wreck all maxxed thors. I’m telling you the worst one I seen had 20 boosts into attack 3 in speed and rest in hp. That is my own experience of worst Thor I faced.

It’s never the speed 149 ones those are just pest’s heh.

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Thora essentially is a damage machine. Boosting its speed to above 119 is wasting its potential unless you plan to make a damage and speed build and hope its low health doesnt make it setup fodder.

The better way to boost it if you choose is 2 health: 2 damage : 1 speed. 3:2:1 works too. More health and damage makes it output more damage and thus weaken strong opponents even cloakers and distracters.

Remember you have 30 boosts to allocate and putting more than 5 boosts into speed means you have sacrificed its damage and health in hope to outspeed.

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Yeah, although Thoradolosaur is high apex again, i still see it as bottom 5 uniques. Only dinos that are worse are Stygi, Monolorhi, Dilorach, and Tuoramoloch

I love Thor on my team.

Seems strong, don’t have it, seems like a faster and stronger allosino. It is worth it, a bit on OP side since of cric

In a vacuum as a unique? Not very strong. It is very good at doing what it does though aka: dishing dmg vs armor and tanks. What makes it “good” is that it is easily obtainable/quick to level, meaning every thor will have 2-3 more level on the team average.

As a result, people are usually more deliberate in boosting the highest dinos on their team which, most often than not, is Thor. Overlevel combined with more boosts gives the impression that he is superstrong.

I still use one myself for the reasons stated above but if say, my tenontorex was at the same level, I would swap them in a heartbeat.

I have less sympathy for speed-boosted Thor users than Indo G2 users, and that says a lot :smiley:

Thor is just an overglorified Allosinosaurus which is just an overglorified t-rex.

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Indeed. The scariest thors are the ones fully invested in damage. I believe this is the most optimal way to boost a Thor

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