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Opinions of: Thylacotator

Article #29 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a teamslot? Have you tried friendlies with it? What are your opinions?

Tier: TBA

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My Opinion: two hits everything lacking immunity, and swap in distraction helps a lot. Average base stats though might be an issue

If prowl goes off nicely, the crit chance is 90% . (forgive me if calculations are wrong.) I’ve used it in the campaign mode and its very decent. This against an armored tank would be pretty good.

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Among my favorite designs so far. Obviously haven’t taken too closely a look at playability but first impressions… I

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I’ve been using it in several battles today L19 5/5/5 and I’ve been struggling to know how and when to use it.

It seems that it is best as your closer/sweeper from my games so far. If you open with it like most people do with other bleeders it won’t work well since people always use Speed and rats first. When it’s your surprise closer then they don’t usually have any good options left to deal with it.

I do think it’s prowl move doesn’t fit very well in its set and would be better if it kept suchotator’s nullifying Impact or irritator’s ready to crush.

Overall I think it is really good baring some need for minor tweaks in future patches and it will retain a spot on my team


Why you boosted the attack? It relies only on opponent Hp, anyway I have it at lvl 21 boosted 5/2/6 and I use it as a swap in against tryko, thors and tanks then I bleed and if I can I do rending take down. I use it usually at the end of the battle when I have less probability to be ratted.

I critted on a rending take down against a stegodeus dealing 7500 dmg, it was wonderful


I boosted the attack for the superiority strike for the times lethal wound and takedown are on cooldown. Probably not super helpful but damage is damage

Ugly and disappointed with its appearance.

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I spent an hour or so doing this. Just because I had 1.7 million coins before the update and don’t have anything I need to upgrade.


I wish I had that many coins. I was hovering around 150-200K until recently. Dropped down to 14K just fusing and leveling some of the new dinos.

Personally I prefer suchotator because instant distract gives it more survivability to last out the bleeding opponent, but against a slower opponent, Thylacotator is better.

I actually really like the design and colors. Stats and kit are pretty solid, not sure how good It is since I couldn’t test it in all the friendlies i attempted haha

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I’m not going to lie. The same substance must of been used when they created smiloceph.


It has high damage potential but lack defensive abilities (deliberate prowl is not reliable enough)

Sometimes it feels awkward to use because if you turn 1 lethal wound turn 2 greater rending strike, turn 3 you are left with only superiority strike or deliberate prowl.

Yeah that is the only malus, but the fact that you can switch in without take much damage is great

After I got my dinos to where I wanted them there was nothing to use them on until I get more unique dna.

A good reason to use it:HE CAN STOP THE DC/RAT

He is Incredible


I like the design.
I haven’t gotten it up to team level yet, so can’t comment on how effective it is, but I think it could be a good Tryko counter if used well.


I see comparison to Suchotator, but what about Spinatosuchus? My spino is lvl 21 tier 6, my Thyla is lvl 20 tier 5/3/5…considering to bench spino and make thyla team but unsure yet…opinions?