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Opinions of: Trolls

There are quite many dinos in this game and some of them may be considered trolls just thanks to leave their moveset, ability or SIA…

They are sometimes a pain on the way you have to deal with them

Which ones do you consider trolls? Your opinion? Do you use any?

From my point of view I would include in the troll list these two:

Edmontoguana: zombie dino, regen and run and never dies.
Purru Taurus and carnotarkus: special damage to Trykos and tanks in general. Can force an early DC swap.

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I use a Purrut and it’s a beast!

DC is the biggest troll. 2x damage upon entry. Regenerates 50% HP on turn 1 (regen and run requires turn 2 to be usable). It also has the advantage of allowing you to pick who to swap in next, whereas regen and run can drag out a weakened creature and mess your plans up. Can stun and then rampage if it’s faced by something that doesn’t have immunity.

Then there’s paramoloch. Can keep you in a stun lock and when it’s low on HP it regens and runs.

Miragaia is trolly too if it’s against non-chompers, especially now that Ludia gave it 2 turn decelerating attack that also shields it (what were you thinking guys?) though sometimes it can even give chompers a hard time unless you use a Thor against it.


That’s true, I don’t care about its hybrid, I prefer having a cleansing attacker than an SS one

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I’m actually working on Carnot. Purrut is still beastly but Carnot’s armor is what makes it worthwhile in my opinion. I only ever fought one, and it was an a.i, but it was still pretty strong

Dracoceratops is the biggest troll of them all. Overpowered and takes no skill to use. I really wish there was an option prevent playing against people with it. It’s just boring


Ok, apart of DC we all know is big troll ever??

I’m actually finding Stygidaryx quite trolly to play against. Especially if you are lucky enough to draw none of your Immune or Shield Busting dinos…almost at DC levels IMHO :).


You are! :stuck_out_tongue:




I need more of this Tryko please. It’s for umm, a… matchmaking experiment! Yeah that’s it!


Ah yes this will do

I’ve actually fought against a Stygidaryx last night. Base level, not boosted at all, but swooped in and bled my second to last dino out with that cleansing swoop. I like it, so I can’t wait to get enough Darwez DNA to make it. I believe I would’ve killed it if I wasn’t so worried about bleeding out :joy:

DC is obviously the biggest one. Thor is next in line because he can finish off your whole team if you don’t have a good counter lined up.