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Opinions of: Utahsinoraptor

Article #24 of the “Opinions of:” series. What do you think of it? Is it worth a teamslot? What are your opinions?

Tier: High Apex

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My opinion: definitely a really good creature, though i do get lost as to why some people choose it over it’s hybrid. Im just one of those people that always think the hybrid is the better one of the two, so i just get confused why ive been seeing overboosted ones, as well as with Indoraptor as well.

Not that it matters though since i dont have either on my team

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Utahsino is one of those dinos that I love to have, but hate to face. I find them useful to bait a rat out on either side. I know I’ll rat one just so do don’t have to keep dealing with it.


Absolute beast! Great design, great in Pvp, but still decently easy to counter unless super boosted. I wouldn’t mind if it switched attack or speed with Utarinex though


Yeah, i think the one thing keeping it back from tyrant is it’s bulk being a let down, same for Procerathomimus. Of course, boosts fix that, so…yeah


My Yoshi is the most fragile member of my team, yet it can still survive more rounds than my Suchotator! I wouldn’t mind if it got a small health nerf. Maybe 3.1k would be good enough?

Procera is definitely busted, and God forbid it gets overboosted. Im praying it doesnt get a hybrid in 1.9, though im not counting on it. If it does, really wanna see it fused with Phorusrhacos

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Utahsino is the second best creature in my roaster, and I gotta admit; at lvl 20 and tier 5 it is a true beast!!


Ever since I got mine from an event darting, I kept it on Lvl 16 because I had no first intention of having him. With only boosted 1800 some health and boosted 1002 damage, it is a beast! I also boosted it’s speed to faster than velociraptor. Has been okay against Allosino and great against rat. Actually survived well facing Ankylotrosaur in a friendly challenge and beat him up. Probably my weakest Legendary but also a good overall guy.

Same here! Although I hope if that happens it won’t be a unique. I’m already low enough on coins

Basically MY SPIRIT ANIMAL :eagle::t_rex:

MVP of my team!


I hate her (unpopular opinion I think shes ugly too)


I used to hate it when I didn’t have it. Now I love it.

As you can see, it’s my profile picture as well :blush:


I’ll try to make a video of one of the many times my Utasino solos a whole team, then you’ll see why we choose it. Especially now, with boosts :joy:

Last time it was against 3 level 29 uniques. And my Uta is 28.


Super strong as Distraction impact + instant charge means that your opponent can only deal 0.5X damage in 2 turns while you already dealt 2.5X damage. Instant charge also makes superiority strike useless, essentially eliminates its weakness.

But I personally don’t like it nor use it.


After DC, he is the creature I hate the most🙄


One of my best team members, love it’s design also.


I think it’s another OP dino. It shouldn’t be faster than Rinex.

I agree there. But it should still be strong. I don’t want my Utasino to become nothing more than a stepping stone legendary. Looking at you, Pyrittator and Pteraquetzal

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