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Opinions on 1.12 Gemini

Geminititan: Unique super-hybrid
Health: 6,000
Attack: 1,400
Speed: 110
crit: 5%
Armor: 0%

Nullifying Strike
Decelerating Rampage
Definite shield advantage
Instant Distraction

  • Gemini is OP
  • Gemini is good
  • Gemini is ok
  • Gemini is bad

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Can’t vote, haven’t faced one yet, it’s rare for where I’m at, and I also don’t have it yet, so I can’t judge

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Wait it won’t let ya?

I just fought one for the first time today. It was dang good at its job. Couldn’t really say from the little I have seen, though. It’s really rare.

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No, I can vote. I’m just saying that I shouldn’t because I don’t have a definite opinion on Gemini yet.


Oh okay got it

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Okay I’ll give an opinion since I use it. At a high level. Eventually we seem to get God tier creatures with very little things to counter it. Monomimus, indo, Pre nerf maxima. And now Gemini

Let me go over this. Before the nerf there was maybe 5 creatures that could go toe to toe with this best. With gaining a definite impact it beats creatures like grypo and tarkus now. With boosts as a factor. It now has a really good chance at beating creatures with like tryko and mammotherium.

It virtually has no real “counter” now as it has a really good chance at beating simply everything. I run a 5/16/5 Gemini right now at lvl 27 and its destroying max boosted lvl 30 teams. Shield advantage is the first move that uses a shield that does not lose a turn on it. Meaning setting up gemini just became way easier. And since it’s faster than everything it needs to. It’s one of the best setup creatures in the game.

I could go on and on. But I rather not. And I do not use OP lightly. As Over porwered simply means that. Gemini is OP because it not only has a good chance at beating all its counters but it also beats just about everything.


I’m inclined to say it’s OP, though seems to be countered by Dioraja so I guess good?
So far it beat Indoraptor and maimed a Tryko in same match, severely harmed a lvl 26 Christmas Chicken though lost to it.

It’s OP, but who cares? Not like anyone outside top 50 fights it at a threatening level.


Lol well it used to be probably beat by dioraj but now with definite :grimacing:

Watch like with maxima we get two attempts at it

I use a 27 boosted lvl 27 gemini outside the top 50. Though I could push 50

And if there’s one dinosaur that counters something–only one–Yeah, that’s overpowered in my book. And drastically so. I just don’t know yet whether Gemini fits in that boat.

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Probably the most overpowered thing about Gemini is Definite Shield Advantage. DSA is just Definite Impact with a Shield applied to it. The strangest part is that DI has a 1 turn delay, but DSA has no delay according to patch notes. That doesn’t make much sense to me.

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My team consists of mostly level 25/26 Tyrants. 24 Smilonemys and 23 Gemini. All of them very lightly boosted, like 1-1-1, 1-2-1 or so (some, even less, like 0-0-1). I can say, if my Gemini was at 26, it would not be as strong as Maxima and Indo G2, but not too far from them. At 23, it is really far from unbeatable.

I do face very few Gemini, like, it’s really rare. Maybe some folks own it but at low levels like 21/23, so they are benched. So it doesn’t seem OP. Indo G2 is OP, some people with stronger creatures have one at level 22/23 and it is still really hard to beat.

Of course, if you boost it to heaven, it will be OP. But then, about anything is OP if OB. Even low apex creatures can be OP if OB. So, to say an OB creature is OP… I would say the problem are the boosts, not OP creatures.

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Gemini wasn’t OP, but they give it a move that made it OP. Definite Shield Advantage should be as Shield Advantage Strike, not Impact.

Indo g2 was indirectly nerfed. Gemini now beats it easily, Ardentis can beat it and also probably one or two of new hybrids that are currently locked behind exclusive Titanoboa dna.

spinoconstrictor can beat indo g2 quite easily basing it of of a total of 2 turns.
it would take some hefty damage, but it survives.

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I cannot give an accurate assessment on this as it is very rare where I am and mine is a low level. However it is definitely much more terrifying than 1.11. It’s not the regular shield advantage, she has the 1.5x damage one. With 110 speed lets it kill Tryko, Dio, Grypo… At least nobody has it so it’s sort of fair.

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Guess what. I’ve just faced a 23 Tryko with my 23 Gemini. Battle opener. I lost… and I don’t think I did anything stupid. BTW that’s what the battle simulator predicts. Tryko wins 100% of the time… (It then took my Indo G2 to wipe out the rest of his team, lol)

Although, in fact, according to the BS, Tryko is the only Unique that beats Gemini 100%. Smilo beats it 82%, and all others get smashed. But there’s in fact an Epic and even a Rare (marsupial Lyon) that also beat it.

And lets not forget the BS is not updated to 1.12, so let’s see how it goes now.

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So… Think Definite Shield Advantage should have a longer cooldown? 2 turns, perhaps? That sounds pretty good to me. It can still get hits off without it and still be a really good dino, right?