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Opinions on Dracocerato


So now that I’ve unlocked Erlidom I’m going for Dracocerato next, though I’m wondering if it’ll be worth swapping out with any of the creatures on my current team?

Indoraptor and erlidom aren’t that great anymore, so maybe one of them. I would also consider dropping thor for allosino. I see you have a monostego, and I would try to get that thing up. Dracocerato is decent, but if you can manage to pull enough woolly rhino dna for monolorhino, that’s gonna be a better choice

Honestly i think dracoceratops is better than it’s unique now


Agreed. and i actually kinda like this version of dracocera. it has the bulk and damage to stay and fight for a bit rather than just hit and run. thinking of over leveling mine when i unlock the hybrid.

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Nope. You’d honestly be better off saving your Dracocera DNA. Dracocerato gains two speed and 100 health at the cost of 900 health and all of its shield-breaking stuff. Overall, not worth it at all.