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Opinions on Entelochops?

Personally I think this thing isn’t as broken as many made it out to be, but its definitely top 5, behind the obvious IndomG2 Yoshi Rixis core and Megalogaia.

DSR on t1 is awesome for revenge killing, and having slowing is great for the likes of Gamma, Gorgo and MF for killing Lasmus (who is still very much a powerhouse) and Procerathomimus.

However the base damage is nothing special. I’ve had a few matchups I’ve lost because 1.1k on a strike is just not a lot. Immune to stun is great too. Allows it to be a much needed Rixis counter and Stegocera punisher.

Overall I really like this dino, and I’d consider it a staple in epic tournaments.



I actually like this dino a lot! I also wish the damage output was bumped up just a bit but overall it’s a nice performer… I’m a fan of the revenge options as well

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Well, depending on the creature, I actually prefer using Revenge Decelerating Impact. That way you get two Rampages in a row.

I took out a Thylo using RDI and then DSR. If I had done it the other way round it wouldn’t have worked.


Nice hybrid, although, as always, I would prefer him to not have partials

All things considered it wouldn’t even be worth running without its immunities. Countering things like damaged Rixis, Lasmus and Stegocera is too vital for it to lose.

Situational for me. It’s not the strongest beast, but that’s why I do like it. Feels balanced.

It could have higher stats in exchange

A strong creature thats balanced…only it basically get out classed thanks to the three kings prorat, indom, and rixs who just sweat the for with it. Purraturs also beats it with good predictions, thyla also does well if you swap in on the rampage and bleed. Overall i think its good…just wish the powere lvl between it and other was as drastic.

Honestly I’m very conflicted on this tournament and the creatures in it. On one hand no boosts, most creatures are balanced, and the diversity of creatures is good for the most part.

On the other hand we all know about the three big kings of the tourney and they are just too good epically indom and prorat. Rixs is like eh almost there its just the double stun and then the huge gigantic hit anyway plus why is it so fast lol. Anyway i feel like the rest of the creatures have been brought down tbh to reasonable lvls thyla is still good but now isn’t to survivable and DP and LW can still let it hold its own. Bro to is now more of a tank with anit-tank abilities so i think its also gone into a good place and purra is manageable you just need to be careful. Others like chops very easily bleed or chomped, Gaia easily stunned or chomped, overall the rest are basically easily countered by EACHOTHER. All ludia need to do is fix those three and basically everything will be balanced as all this should be… also the ropy system sucks hard okay rant over.

I like it paired with the new sneak, sneak gives a bit of damage and then chops come in fresh and possible mf’ed

I really think that mboa needs more health, at least 4200

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I’ve managed to beat a Yoshi with some risky plays. Expect the Distraction Rampage, use Mutual Fury, and then use either Superiority Strike or Defense Shattering Rampage. If Yoshi uses Instant Distraction on either move, she still loses a good chunk of her health. I even sacraficed a whole dino just to activate the Revenge moves again. Had enough health to withstand a Nullifying Strike, used Mutual Fury again, and knocked out Yoshi.

Entelochops doesn’t play around.

In a way, I like how the big 3 bad boys keep eachother in check. IndomG2 and Yoshi counter eachother, and Rixis soft counters Yoshi but also has plenty of other counters outside their little bubble. I do think Thyla should be faster than it. That’s always confused me.

Cause it doesn’t have any priority move, or another defenssive move

It shouldn’t lose the speed, Tragodistis didn’t lose it when para was reworked, maybe both sarco and Thyla should have the same speed

True but even then prorat doesn’t counter it 100% neither does indom get countered by prorat 100%. As for rixs it mostly the double stun and that impact that gives it over the edge.

Prorat I guess the turtle :turtle: is basically our only really reliable counter to it gaia once more is luck and predictions, Lasmus is honestly not that great of a threat now probably wins like 60% of the time I guess. I had to drop it for chops who like @Dinobai18 said can beat prorat but ES kinda makes stop in its tracks.

Honestly I think thyla just being equal speed or one speed faster would make rixs not that frustrating to fight against since once you get that bleed you know it’s over.

Also seriously 1 cold down for MF might be one of the dumbest thing now that I look at it that ludia has done. Other buffs have at least a two to three two cool down stuff like dig in, regeneration, ferocious strike and impact. Yet for some reason the one that combine both cleanses, speeds up, and increase attack has a 1 turn cool down? I think that a bit of a problem but that’s just me.

Ya but see rixs was never 118 spee before it was buffed it used to be the same as its parent

So lowering speed does make sense

I can see what you’re saying, but at the same time, nobody who has Mutual Fury actually lives long enough to use it continuously like that. They will have taken so much damage either beforehand or during the duration of MF that it would be unwise to do it again. Perhaps it’s there to be a tempting risk move - to make us players think that we can pull another round of Mutual Fury off, only to miscalculate the damage?

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Right. Rixis shouldn’t lose its speed. Thyla should gain speed. It loses to the immune to slow that makes marsupial lion so powerful, so it should at least be a good bit faster.


I mean irratator gen 2 has 122 speed. So it would make sense