Opinions on Grypolyth

Can someone explain to me why grypo is used by almost all top players? There is some “secret” move sequence or boost setup, that allow this unique to survive against the other top creatures?
I tried to use it at level 21 against similar level counters without success.

Do you mean you used it against its counters, or the creatures it counters?

I mean against the other creatures that I encountered. To me seams that it can win only against the few creatures that cannot break it’s LONG PROTECTION.

Most of them have huge health boosts, up to 8k. Its main attack is the counter attack, so if it lives long, it can counter attack multiple creatures to bits. With its lockdown and healing abilities it’s a very nice addition to a team. Working on mine but it’s not close enough to team level yet.

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How good Grypolyth is depends on your opponents, which depends on your arena.
The top players face creatures like Ardentismaxima and Geminititan all the time, Immune creatures with extremely high health and high damage that most other hybrids can’t put a dent in.

Grypolyth can take them down to one-shot range if it doesn’t outright beat them with its high HP, armour and Regeneration, which allow it to use that 25% counter over and over.
Against other creatures, Immobilize allows it to wait out the cooldown on Regeneration.


I’ve only used it in the higher arenas. I’m not sure if it’s bad against lower tier creatures in Lv21 range. Like others have said, it’s great for killing high hp tanks and creatures that cannot break shield. Even if it doesn’t win 1v1 it’s generally very annoying.

Thank you for the clarification.
For high hp creatures I have already setup a level 28 Thyla that need to survive only one turn to take down 75% hp, instead Grypo do the same job in three turns, so I am not in hurry to level up Grypo.
Maybe in the higher arena Thyla is not enough to bring down the two towers, so the need for Grypo.

Thanks again for the feedback.