Opinions on my team composition, 2300 trophies

Hi guys, I’m new to the forums.
I’m interested if anybody would be nice enough as to comment on my current team.
I’m around 2300 trophies, arena 5 and I was wondering what do you guys think, which dinos, if any, should I swap into my team (of those that I currently have).
Also, I wonder, which dinos should I try to obtain next, on which dino lines to concentrate?
Are my dinos too low a level? Maybe level 11 Stegoceratops shouldn’t be in this team?
At what level should I stop leveling dead end dino like Suchotator? Etc…
Thank you guys in advance! I know that these are noob questions…

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You never stop leveling the tater.


The only suggestion I have is to switch kentro for ankylocodon, with the new update having and inmune tank after is a huge difference

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Put Anky in there and keep leveling him up. He’s got it all, especially immunity, and will carry you through higher arenas up to Ruins. Start working on creating Stegodeus… he’s the backbone of any team. And even though suchotator is a dead end, he’s the most useful dead-end and is actually rated as apex. Still see him at the highest arenas.

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Hmmm, I see 2 problems with that. 1st, Ankylocodon seems a bit underwhelming, especially in comparison with another immune dino I already have in team - Postimetrodon. 2nd, Who’s gonna fight off speedy dinos, raptors if not kentro? :slight_smile: I tend to have at least 2 antiraptor dinos in my team, in this team here those 2 are Stegoceratops and Kentro. Do you guys think that one antiraptor is enough?

In order to help you, please tell us what dinos are you facing and what level they are, so that we can suggest you on the best way to counter them.

But yes try to unlock stegodeo as soon as possible, is the best tank in this moment,
I levelled my sucotator to lev 20 and did great on my team.
Another little hint: if something has an hybrid, do not level it up further the hybrid level required and save those dna, :wink:

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Anky is antiraptor. He has immune, can’t distracted by pounce and has slowing skill 1 turn delay and armor. You just need level him up.

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Anky is realy good and also one of the best antiraptor dinos.
Im at ~4000 points and still have my anky in team. ( he is lvl 20 ). I dont think i will lvl him more, coins are to rare haha.

Befor you go for stegod (pls dont do it) look if you have enought parks (green space) around you. Stegosaurus is a park spawn only now and harder to obtain. Sure stegod is still very strong, but only with stegosaurs in your hood.

Your team looks balanced.
Just keep darting everything and get a unique in focus you realy want. (focusing on my utarinex helps me to stay happy and playing).

Last but not least have fun and i hope the dino spawn gods stay with you.

Thanks guys, I really apreciate all your input!