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Opinions on my team.. open to suggestions

Hello guys, I’ve been playing this game since around June 2018 and Im a huge fan of it. I play every day.
Below is my current team. I believe I have a solid team but one dino that is now falling behind is… of course, Magna. Like most, irritator has gone extinct. So Im thinking of maybe leveling up DC. I dont use DC at the moment because quite frankly I’m not a fan of it but I feel I might be limiting myself now that Magna is falling behind team level. What do you guys think?

Not bad for me, you have good synergy

I think TRYO could be great in 1.7…

You should replace Magna with the Rat, especially if you live near a spot of Dracorex G2. Honestly 6 level of difference with trago (which represents approximatively 34% of lost stats) aren’t worth keeping, and that’s why Magnapyrritor is such a pain to keep at decent levels.
That’s also why, imo, Arena exclusives dinos are a vast joke.

I’m in a similar spot with an L24 Magna - its in and out of my team, currently in. I also have a L25 Monostego who is just hanging in there. I’m hoping stat boosts are going to give them that little nudge they need to stay relevant.

Im probably going to end up doing that. Replacing it with DC. I got about 65K Dracorex g2 dna and a decent amount of triceratop g2 dna to bring DC to about 26/27 if I have to guess.

I get you. Ive been trying to get my Magna up a level at least to 24 but with a lack of irritator I barely get any dna from my alliance and sometimes I just waste my request but I dont blame them as it’s rare to acquire.
Sad because I really like Magna, it’s so strong but when it’s under leveled it gets eaten alive by indo at higher levels which I always encounter. I see them at 27+ so Im at a huge disadvantage…

I agree - I run across Indos at L29 or even L30; you can afford to keep Magna in as long as you save it “for when the time is right”; its certainly not an opener when underlevelled.

Draco is another connundrum - ignoring the “moral” arguments (plenty of threads on those) I found it as much a hinderance as an asset to the team; I did use it, but now its on the bench even at L28 - I save it for strike towers.

Using Draco alongside hit and run creatures (in my opinion) causes more problems than it solves - like you I have Erlidom and Dilorach; and often use Tuomoloch. The problem arises if it ends up the creature you run into (either in the initial pick or through creature deaths); yes - if you get a hit and run into a swap in, it can be great but I find with Dilorach and Erlidom the hit usually delivers the killer blow - so you are left with Draco swapping in and just standing there with its pants round its ankles looking stupid. I found there were too many times either this happened because I forget to check or I had to pick a different sub-optimal move for Erlidom or Dilorach.

Its bad enough raging at another player because Draco ruined the battle - its another level altogether raging against your own team …

I’m stockpiling Dimetrodon for an Irritator event (just watch that become rare as soon as there is one) and planning on boosting Magna with stat boosts.

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My Magna has been at L26 for what feels like an eternity.

Why you are not using tenontorex. Lv 27 is decent.

L26 … drool …

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Meh, I like Tenonto but … just doesn’t seem to cut it in the team

I dont have tenonto lol and because I have Thor, I feel like I dont need it. But if I had it at 25+ id definitely put it in my team