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Opinions on Scorpius Gen 3: Community Poll

Now that we are about a month almost into this hybrids existence I wanted to ask the community its over all thoughts on this hybrids strength and relevance. Especially after last months unique tournaments and overall arena experience. I heard many complain that it is too good and op, personally however I find it balanced in all aspects. It has average speed, average attack, lowish hp and lots of Cooldowns. It really relys on bleed and stun to actually be a threat so if you have a resistance, are immune or can cleanse these things then you should be good. If you can also swap out after toxic quills it really won’t be that much of a threat. However thats just my opinion so lets see what everyone else thinks.

Creature profile:

What do you think of Scorpius Rex gen 3
  • Its underpowered
  • Its okay
  • It’s fine
  • It’s good
  • It’s strong
  • It’s Op and need a nerf

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Do you think its the meta or the creature that making it so note worthy. (Since its a good anti-tank its easily dominating in a meta of resilient tanks). Could the introduction of more irrelevant creatures change its power?
  • It’s the creature
  • It’s the meta and current environment
  • Its both
  • Its kinda of both

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If you like to express more detailed opinions down below then you can do so just be respectful of others opinions.

It’s good. It’s not so thoroughly broken that it destroys everything in its path, but neither is it so underpowered that it’s pointlessly useless like so many Cunnings and bleeders have become.


That’s my thoughts too; I feel like most complaints due most things being resilient so bleed hurts/counters them hard. And a lack of a large group of cunning creatures in the meta to counter it more often.


I also see some call it annoying due to its swap in but for one, in a resilient meta being able to pull off a non-damaging dodge+distraction swap in is super difficult, and two its non damaging, what is there to complain a bout?

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There’s also the fact that it’s swap-in doesn’t ignore Resilient moves, so if it swaps into a faster Resilient creature that used RS/RI/RR, that speed increase gets nullified immediately.

If for nothing else, it can seriously damage Hadros and Cera, while the only Resilients that outright destroy Scorpios are Tuoramoloch (since GS is a Precise move), and Mammolania.

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Tenontorex can also do fairly well against Scorpios for that matter.

Even Dilorach does well due to cunning and heal, and the best would be magna and bex in terms of counters.

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That’s exactly why I also like Scorpius Gen 3 She is strong, but balanced. She can perform well even against her counters, if you can predict your opponent’s moves correctly. Despite her versatility when facing her counters, she will still struggle against Spyx, Magna, and Trebax, given their resistances/immunities to Stuns and Damage over Time.


As well as other that can heal/cleanse the bleed and are immune/resistant to stun.

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Any new dinos is always over rated until players finally get used to it and find the counters for them. So, yes, it does seem strong, but it’s already starting to loose it’s shine.

At team level, will it be worthy of a spot in most teams? With only 8 spots, I don’t think so, though who knows, with so many Mortems becoming lvl 30 very soon, it may become a must?. Now, if you ask me if I will do my best to make a spot it, my answer is yes. Simply because I love everything about it. And I’m a gambler, and if you want to gamble, this is the one! :slight_smile:

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Good swap in Dino, not broken and it has counter (Magna, spyx, nemys (mind game), zorion)

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Username checks out.


Quetzorion is a 50/50 and magna isn’t really a great counter as you can swap to compycalus and win.

Scorpius gen 3 is an absolute must in unique tournaments unless things change. Most of its counters are irrelevant and it can easily turn the tables on relevant ones. And if you are weak to bleed and stun like tryko and dio, you have to pray the sun won’t land otherwise you may not even get a single hit in

That’s not really true you can say that about like anything that can’t be pinned or immune to pin. Magna beats it easily but yes can be swapped out if the matchup is against it. I’m talking 1v1 no swaps. That opens a bit up. Some apexes can also do well like lux and gorgotrebax

Also, scorpius 3 is beginning to displace mortem in the arena due to the swap and ambush, as well as quills

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Honestly kinda seen that as a good thing but also not a good guarante. Sure the swap in can save you from taking a damage, but it can also just get you hit for half damage. Quills is also not that useful against mortem due to cleansing impact, it’s resistant enough to DoT so it can’t die directly from bleed alone, and resistance to stun.

Still I honestly felt compyC would have done more damage to mortem than this tbh.

He is a good creature. It’s stats and boost are ok. And he is useful against ceramagnus if used correctly