Opinions on thyla

Now that it’s thirds patch anniversary I wanted to know what you think of Thylacotator. Does he/she deserve his/her High Apex :crown:

Health: 4,500
Attack: 1,000
Speed: 117
Armor: 0
Crit: 40%


  • Superiority Strike
  • Delebrate Prowl
  • Lethal Wound
  • Rending Takedown
  • swap-in Distraction

Thylacotator is

  • Great
  • Good
  • Okay
  • Mediocre
  • Bad
  • Disappointing

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He/she deserves:

  • Tyrant
  • High apex
  • Mid apex
  • Low apex
  • Alpha high
  • Alpha low

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I think Thyla is fine as is. I rarely see him in the 49** - 50** range, so looks like he’s best suited for the arenas just under that range.

Thyla is still in my team and I’m glad it is.

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Just one word: perfect.


Lol idk about that

I guess Thyla is sticking around for a while

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Yup :otter: it will serve you well

Yeah, I know some of the top players use it.

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Lol ya I also found someone you is using lol Monolorhino in the top 50

Lol really?

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Lol oh wait make that top 60 but still

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Level 23 as well, in a team of mostly 30s. Props to that person.

To be fair, they probably threw Monorhino out there to see how it goes, but I doubt it’s a permanent member of that team

It’s boosted. I recall them saying it’s good against grypolys in a server I’m in.

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Well I mean lethal wound and a distraction and shield breaking

According to the the poll a lot of people would disagree

I think it’s great. Giving it immune to deccel would be cool though. Would probably make it tyrant.


Lol I think high apex for an epic is good enough

Huh, well more power to them! Seems like a pretty specific scenario but whatevs

Thyla is great, definitely high apex, I’ve lost to it a few times. Swaps in for free then kills something (often a tank) with rend or bleed. Rend does huge damage even if it doesn’t kill.

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